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Ready or not…here it comes… 2012

Well, certainly hope everyone is off to a grand start this new year. We’d be doing a lot better if we hadn’t caught the ‘bug’ that seems to be going around. Seems everyone I’ve talked to has had ‘it’ or got ‘it’ . . . sinus and lingering cough. Thank goodness we’re on the down-hill side and getting back to normal.

They’re Back!

That being said – it was pretty much a quiet Christmas and New Year’s for us. Weather has been mild – so far – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to cover up a couple of plants on nights when it got below freezing. Those being the garlic chives and my one azalea.   Have to tell you that when I went out to check on the azalea I noticed that the English ivy growing around the pond looked a little bare. On closer inspection, I was stunned to see that the leaves were gone! Now where have I’ve seen something like this before? Of course . . . on the black-eyed peas . . . completely stripped, remember?     Started looking around and would you believe it, there were those same pesky ants again – only this time they were hauling off my ivy. Just like before – two rows of ants, one line coming and one going – with a whole passel of them in the ivy vines harvesting the leaves. As curiously amazing as it was to see this happen the first time, it wasn’t quite so entertaining or amusing  the second time around. So out comes the can of Raid. Being careful not to get any spray into the pond, I sprayed the infested ivy vines and then along the 20 feet of walkway where they were traveling – ultimately disappearing  into the leaves by the front porch – that area got a liberal spraying as well. So far so good, haven’t seen any more of them. But you can bet, I’ll be on the lookout when I set out the garden this coming Spring.


Dish pan hands – haven’t had those in many a year.  But since I have yet to find a product that performs in the dishwasher like the old detergents did BEFORE they took out the phosphates – I find myself  having to pre-wash the dishes before they go into the ‘washer’ resulting in dish-pan-hands. Did hear of a product called Lemi-shine that claims to give you spotless sparkling dishes – but after trying both  the detergent and rinse agent a few times, have to say it didn’t do any better than the phosphate free products. In fact, David thought it was worse because it left a kind of film on some of the items. I’m still on the hunt for a good product and will let you know if and when I find one that actually works.

Don’t you just love it !?   A special thanks to Jerry who gave me a most memorable Christmas gift in an effort to convert this ‘Country Girl’  from an old? ‘fuddy-duddy’ to a fashionista . . . well that may be over-stating it, but I do love my feather ring adorned with colorful gems …. and enjoy looking at it each day. Only wish I were as fashion savvy as my ‘City Girl’ counterpart.

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