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Raid Ant Spray: Works Inside & Out

Things have been very busy here lately. David’s brother (Jack) and his wife (Jerry) visited  last weekend – which is always a lot of fun.  And, we’re  looking forward to having Monica and Peyton visit this coming weekend. In addition, I’m still working in the yard, garden, etc. – fighting the ants and moles – and experiencing some success!

About the ants – I’m posting my method for getting rid of ants in the yard (fire ants included) at Jack’s encouragement.  Like almost everyone, every year we would buy several bags of granular ant killer, sprinkle it over the yard and wait for the ants to die – but they more often than not just seemed to pick up and move to a new location.

However, a few years back , after a rain, when we had lots of ant hills in the yard, but we didn’t have any ant granules . . .  we did – however – have a full can of Raid Ant Spray.  So,  I started to wonder,  if Raid would get rid of ants in the house – why not in the yard too?   That’s all it took.  I set out to see just how effective Raid would be on the ant hills outside. 

To test my theory – I sprayed a ring of Raid around the ant hill (you know to stop any that might try to make a run for it), stirred the hill with a stick to get them all running around and then sprayed the masses. Instant dead ants. Best part  there were no survivors to move to a new location or re-inhabit the hill just sprayed.   I’ve been using Raid ever since… and although David “poo-poo-ed” me at first – he’s now a believer.

Another good thing about using Raid – I never liked having my yard full of scattered ‘poison’  that would get tracked  into the house – not to mention pets and children being exposed to it.    Raid is my favorite ‘pest’ spray and works any where you have ants – inside or out. It stays concentrated in the affected area, is definitely more “dollar-friendly”, and as long as it doesn’t get wet it will continue to work for about two weeks.

Another success story – my bulbs planted in the wire baskets worked and the moles didn’t eat them! All of the bulbs I planted this year – and last – are coming up and blooming. This is the healthiest my bulb plants have ever looked so you can bet next year, I’ll be putting out many more bulbs. Just need to re-stock my wire basket stash at the $1 store next time we’re in town.


One thing I’ve learned about living in the country is that the ‘wild’ animals pretty much consider your home theirs. We often see the random armadillo, raccoon and deer wandering around the fields – but when you’ve got bobcats walking down the path between the house and the garage (literally within spitting distance) – you sort of sit up and take notice.

Saw one go by just the other day while I was sitting in front of my computer. He was just outside the back fence!  I’ve put up a picture of what I see through my office window – and ‘X‘ marks the spot where I saw the bobcat walking.

Since this has happened more than once, David has decided to put up a gate between the car port and the walkway leading to the back gate. This seems to be their favorite path – so we’re hoping it will at least make them detour another way.

To build the fence, he bought two decorative metal gate pieces at Lowe’s and then stacked them together – one on top of  the other – to make a very attractive, tall gate (and very inexpensive  one I might add).  The top half with the star is one piece and the  bottom with the plain bars is the other piece that he turned up-side down so they would fit – plus we liked the way it  looked.  After that, he attached them together using metal screws along the middle where they over-lapped. 

He’ll finish out the sides with cedar fence boards and then attach either wire or hardware cloth at the bottom so animals can’t walk through the bars.

He should have this finished by early next week – so I’ll post a couple of pics of the finished project. It’s looking really great so far.

Firefox vs. IE

For those planning on flying somewhere, anywhere in the near future – saw a story on the news the other night about buying airline tickets online. The problem seemed to be that online tickets continued to increase in price each time the customer went back to the website to check on the flight cost.

What the news people discovered was curious…. not only did the ticket prices remain lower if  the computer’s ‘cookies’  were deleted before going back to re-check a price but also ticket prices were lower when using Firefox as the browser vs. Internet Explorer. Who knows…. just passing this along for what it’s worth.

Finally – working on putting up my favorite BBQ rubs and sauces. Visit I Can’t Beleive It’s Sugar Free later this week… or maybe early next week if I get too busy getting ready for company. 🙂

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