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Product Review: Viatek – Battery Re-charger

InterGemJPGLast week did not work out as planned. We had intended on going Saturday to the International Gem and Jewelry Show in Houston – BUT – on Friday I managed to twist my back to the point where I spent the whole weekend stretched out in the recliner on the heating pad. I’m back to navigating – cautiously – and we’re looking for another Gem Show we can go to in the near future and that is not too far away.

If you’ve not been to one of these gem shows, it’s worth the trip. The big show in Tucson is amazing. Lots of gems, jewelry, gems, fossils, beads, stone, etc – to wear and for the home. The local gem shows are a mini-version but still worth the trip. And, obviously the larger the city, the bigger the show. If you look for one of these to attend, be sure you search for International Gem and Jewelry. There are a lot of gem shows listed – but these local shows that are smaller in size, are not the same. If you’re looking for information on colored gems and how to tell them apart, visit this weeks’ blog on Texas Antique Mall.



12 Moons

Had an unusual dream the other night -so, I’m going to ramble on a bit about dreams today. Dreams are strange things. It’s always seemed to me that dreams take bits and pieces of what we’ve experienced – or seen – during the day, lump it all together and viola – you’ve got a dream. Most of the time these dream-stories are a bit illogical – sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they can even be frightening.


But have you ever had a dream that seemed almost real? And when you wake up the next morning, you have to wonder where the heck did that come from? That was the dream I had the other night. My dream was about twelve moons in the sky. In the dream I was standing in the front yard at night looking up at the sky and there was the full moon – bright and shiny. But then all of a sudden it divided becoming two moons, then three, and so on until there was an arc of twelve moons formed across the sky – with each successive moon in the arc paler that the previous one next to it. This went on until the last moon was almost not visible and had almost faded away. Strange – but actually it was quite pretty. Very other-worldly.

I know there are people who like to use  dream books to give meaning to dreams – but I’ve not ever had the desire to do so. However, if I were one of those people, this would be one I’d want to take a look at.

Mr. Gadget

I jokingly like to refer to David as Mr. Gadget because he loves gadgets. Any kind of gadget. Most of the time they’re tool related – something only a guy could love. But every once in a while he gets something that I really like – and that works as advertised. Such is the Viatek Disposable Battery Charger he bought last week. Not sure he would have bought if he hadn’t seen it in action at a neighbor’s home.

This re-charger allows you to re-charge three different types of batteries:

  1. Ni-Cd
  2. Alkaline
  3. NI-MH

Viatekplus it has other features like . . .

  • Expandable docks – fits 5 different sizes of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D & 9V)
  • Digital display – lets you know when fully charged or if the battery is bad
  • LED indicators – green when charged; red when charging
  • Battery selector – select type of battery to charge

In the short week he’s had it, David’s already used it to recharge all the used batteries in the house. And it really does work. Along with everything else out there, I think batteries are over-priced – and will continue to go up in price. But using the new gadget, we’re looking to save some serious money on not having to buy more batteries – just recharge the used ones as they weaken. Want more information on this gadget? Visit this link – Viatek Battery Re-charger



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