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Plumbing Woes…..

Living in the country is peaceful, relaxing and hassle-free – most of the time. However, when things go wrong they go wrong big time.

Such has been the case the last 2 weeks here on top of the hill. Plumbing problems are bad anytime – even a leaky faucet is irritating . . . but when the ‘thrones’ go south – you’ve got real trouble. Our porcelain thrones had been operating (barely) for the last 10 days or so  – and after David did everything he could think of from using a plunger (the obvious) to ‘roto-rooting’ the lines – ‘we’ finally gave in and called an expert.  I might add not only was it inconvenient – but it also caused me to miss my favorite auction in Reagan, Texas – Johnny Norman’s.   His auctions are always fun with lots of good stuff.

Luckily for us our neighbor (Sam Bradshaw) – who has a business installing septic systems – made time in his busy schedule to drop by and help us out. Since David had already dug the dirt off the tanks in the backyard and removed a 3′ portion of the raised wooden walkway – Sam was able to check on the problem (broken pipe) and offer a fix. We needed a new line! If – I’d been a little smarter and thought about it – I should have snapped that the periodic bubbling in the ‘modes (much like a huge belch) was air . . . and how else could air get in except for a break in a line somewhere. Duh!

At any rate Sam and his crew came out – equipment in tow and proceeded to dig up the rest of the back yard over the tanks. (Note…before all this happened – I made sure David knew exactly where my blueberry plants were so – hopefully – no one would step on them. Those little plants don’t look much better than a twig right now.) It was short of a miracle that they could get the piece of equipment they needed to use into the back yard – through the side gate – and between the fence and trees . . . they maybe had an inch on each side to spare. It was some sort of trench digger (David called it a Ditch-Witch) with a ‘mini-back hoe’ on the other end. I have to say – they didn’t hurt a thing and were careful to move my cypress tree limbs out of the way too! Red operated that piece of equipment much like a surgeon operates – carefully but with assurance.

The whole process took about 3 days and without going into all the details of this mess – you wouldn’t want to know anyway – we ended up getting a new line, having the tanks pumped clean and reburied. We’re almost back to normal outside – just need to spread some good dirt over the clay and plant some grass. I’m not complaining – we were afraid we’d have to dig up the whole system which would have meant tearing down fences and wiping out the garden. Those guys worked wonders and what with feeling like things are back to normal – I’m happy again.

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