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Went to a Celebrating Home party last weekend and had a grand time. If you’ve not heard of Celebrating Home they sell decorator items, cooking items and – my favorite – pre-measured, packaged  food mixes…. with everything being presented  in a party atmosphere.

The party was hosted by Nancy and Lori with Nancy’s daughter – Shalane  – representing the comapny.  (BTW – if you haven’t heard Shalane sing, you’re missing a treat.  Click here to hear a couple of her songs. )  All of the items were very attractive and waaaaay more modern that the antique bowls and casseroles I use, but for now – I’ve got plenty of stuff.   However, the gourmet food was another story.   While all of the mixes sounded delicious – I had to stay away from the sweet ones – we have enough trouble keeping sugar out of David’s diet as it is without putting any more temptations in his way – but I couldn’t help myself – had to order some of their delicious dip and soup mixes.

After much deliberating, and – of course – repeated samplings of the dips on the buffet, I decided to try the Key West Shrimp, the Salsa Ranch, and the BLT which Lori told me was so good I would want to sit down and eat the whole bowl by yourself. Hmmmm – sounds like that one might spell trouble.

Also ordered the Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix… it looked wonderful too. Can’t wait to get my order in.   While perusing the catalog, decided to get a pair of star wall sconces. We want to re-do the guest bath; so I may use those there …. or may end up putting them outside.  They had a rustic look in the photo and if they don’t work in the bath – thought they might look good in the kitchen area on the deck  (maybe next to the bar )  – but we’ll have to wait and see if they can take the weather out there. 

After relaxing and snacking my way through Saturday afternoon – came home to find ‘something’ had breached the lower wire barricade along the fence, dug holes and scattered mulch in almost every bed.   When we first moved up here this was an every day occurrence until David and I put a 2 foot secondary wire fence along the bottom of the existing fence to keep out unwanted night visitors. It had been working really well until this last weekend. 

Today, after hanging out my clothes – don’t you just love that fresh smell? – I checked along the fence to see where that ‘something’ might be getting in. Found one place where the lower wire had been bent back. Don’t know if this is the entry place, but I got some of those plastic tie thing-ees the guys use for bundling wire and put a whole bunch of them along the fence line making the wire as tight to the fence as I could.   Guess I’ll have to wait and see now if that solves the problem. Sure hope so. 

We’re doing some work in the house right now and the den is in chaos. Sometimes you just have to make a few changes to freshen things and get a little perk.

 Plans are to replace the drapes and put some oak paneling on the wall where the windows are -other than that don’t think I’ll tackle anything else there – just start on another room.  🙂   

Side note – we are putting radiant barrier behind the paneling to help reflect the afternoon sun since that’s the West side of the house. We had radiant barrier put under the roof when it was replaced and it definitely makes a difference . . . along with the solar screens.

The screens are advertised to cut approximately 80% of the heat with minimal loss of vision.  Another nice thing about them, while you can see out – people outside can’t see in (unless there is a light on in the room.)  And, while some people say they’re not ‘pretty’ and don’t like having their view obscured,  I’ll take a cooler house with lower electric bills any day over ‘pretty’ screens – or worse yet…no screens.

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