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Outdoor Kitchen

Whoa !!  What a busy week-end.   We had a break from the heat – high only in the 90’s –  so we took advantage of  the ‘cooler weather’ to do some outside chores we had put on hold.  I should say David did some outside chores.  I pretty much cooked all weekend long so I would have some meals for the freezer.  decktile_3

We’ve been working on our outside kitchen for about a year – doing all the work ourselves.  David  designed and built it.    We wanted something that was functional but not over the top.  Something that would have a  rustic look about it   –  and I wanted a counter (the one on the right) where people could sit and visit.  We  had bought 2  old cafe stools a long time ago so we used those there.    We have a tendency to buy things thinking we may use them ‘some day’.    Most of the time we do.    That’s how we got the tile for the counter tops.  We paid $2.00 for all of it at an auction a  couple of years back when our  outdoor kitchen was in the talking stage.   We figured a $2.00 investment was affordable, and  if  and when we needed tile we would have it.  

David  did all the construction,  electrical,  piping in of water for the sink,  and tiling the counter tops- I helped a little here  – and we are down to the finishing touches.  This includes tiling the inside of the cabinets.  Yes, we are putting floor tile in the bottoms of all the cabinets making it easier to move things around and if there is a spill it will be an easy clean-up.  We went to Lowe’s and bought  a couple of boxes of  light colored  peel-n-stick tile – the cheapest we could find – after all who’s going to see it?  It’s easy to cut with scissors,  sticks well and the light color makes looking for stuff  in the back recesses easy.    David did say he used  extra sealer as an added precaution since the tile will be exposed to outside temps.


You can see the inside walls are still unfinished and  David is going to use ceiling tiles to finish out the interior (he’s very good at thinking outside the box).  The ceiling tiles will also add an extra layer of insulation for storage.    decktile_5 We still have an iron pot rack to hang along with some other old advertising things we’ve picked up along the way.  And for the guys we have an arch of antlers that cause  many an interesting story to be told.   One thing I have learned –  ‘hunting’ stories are  just like ‘fishing’ stories – the  BIG ONE  always gets away!

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