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Not All Angels Have Wings

In this day of social networking and constant communications – it is hard to believe that unless people  are using an electronic device of some sort  they  won’t – can’t – don’t communicate with another human being.   But, it would seem this is true.

This references “The Ordeal” David and I went through last Thursday while on a shopping trip to Bryan-College Station. We had gone to get a new cell phone as our old one had died. Getting our new phone and having it pre-charged turned out to be a stroke of luck –  otherwise, we’d had no way to call for help …. read on.

So in spite of the rain – everything went well until we headed home. We had almost gotten to our exit off Hwy 6 when the truck died – yup – just died right there in the middle lane going 70 MPH. David navigated his way through the traffic and coasted to the shoulder where we waited about 2 hours (in the heat – thank the Lord it wasn’t raining again) for the wrecker. I’ll spare you all the tedious details but suffice it to say during that whole time we were waiting (hood up – both of us standing on the shoulder ) only 1 car stopped. Two nice Hispanic men is a pickup offered help – otherwise we might as well have been on another planet.


Our rescuers – Nancy and Joe – drove all the way from Crockett to Bryan to pick us up at the dealership (where the truck had been towed)  along with all our purchases I might add – and then took  us home. They never commented on what a long trip it was – or how late they’d get back home or how much stuff they had to transfer to their car – but were gracious the whole time. I don’t think David or I can ever repay them for rescuing us. Suffice it to say they sure looked like angels to us.

As a follow-up, we got the repaired truck back the next day . . . and, I have to give kudos to the Tom Light dealership where the truck was taken. They were very good, and although they couldn’t get the truck fixed that Thursday since it was already so late – they did guarantee they would have it fixed for us the next day even if they had to stay late to do so. WOW – felt like we were in a time warp back when service people were courteous and professional.

Out of Kilter

Funny how something like that can throw everything out of kilter. For some reason it was hard for me to get back in the groove for the rest of the week. Guess it just goes to show how much we are creatures of habit. My mom used to always say how much she liked being in a ‘rut’ because that meant everything was fine…. as an adult, I now totally understand that statement.

Weeds and More Weeds

Can’t say that there ‘s much else going on. There’s been a lot of computer work to do so my yard has gone begging. I did manage to pull a cart full of weeds out of the garden this morning and there’s many more to pull – but it’s still too warm to do that other than early in the day.

There’s a new nursery ‘in town’ so I’m looking forward to stopping by there to see what all they have. As we’ve driven by looks like they’ve got plants, statuary, stones and rocks?, plus all the usual nursery stuff. I say in town but they’re actually out of town on the highway – I’ll get some pictures when we stop by.  Linda who runs it has a  knack for decorating so I’m hoping she’ll have some really out-of-the-ordinary garden things.

Free Graphics Program

 This pretty much has totally  nothing to do with  country living – but since we work on the computer’s most of the time – it’s just too good of information not to pass along.

For those of you that use graphics programs or know of anyone that does – there is an excellent free open-source vector graphics program that can be downloaded off the Internet.

Typically this type of program would cost in the $100’s – so you can understand my excitement on finding it. To read about Inkscape and get the link to download – visit If you don’t see the post – just search for ‘Inkscape’.

P.S.- Saw these Morning Glory blooms this morning and they looked so pretty just had to take their picture.  They grow along the cedar fence next to the garage and come up every year by themselves from the  seeds that fall.

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