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Netflix – Secret Category Codes

littlebarnroofTaking advantage of the sunshine today to get a few chores outside done. Mainly, laundry.  I prefer to hang my clothes outside if at all possible but all of the rain has put me way behind.  So  got up early to try and get a couple of loads finished before the afternoon rains hit.  May just make it.  (Hear it’s supposed to get cooler too.)


Next chore, which I actually did late yesterday afternoon, was to replace a couple of the shingles that had slid down off the little red barn. We were concerned that a leak might develop.   Truly, have to say that was more of a major project since I DO NOT like getting more than 3 steps up on a ladder.  And climbing around on the roof is not my idea of fun.   Find it amazing the things one can do when they have no choice.


Fortunately, there is a flat roof covering the area between what we call the ‘little barn’ and the garage so I had a good, flat surface to work from – once I got up there. Took all my repair stuff with me in a bag and when on the access portion of the roof, did a ‘duck walk’ to the spot needing attention.  Felt uncomfortable standing up walking around.


flexsealUsed a stapler to put the shingles back then covered them (and the shingle edges) with some Flex Seal Clear . . . like you see on TV.  Once everything was back in place, carefully climbed down.  Haven’t any idea what Bear thought was going on but the whole time I was up there, he was going nuts barking and jumping around the back yard.


You’ve heard the old question, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?’ Well, in my opinion, the answer would be ‘yes’.  We were taking one of our daily walks and heard a strange sound coming from the woods.  Started out soft and slow, increasing in volume and speed.  Had us stopped in our tracks . . . just knew some sort of animal was going to come barreling at us any minute.  But, when we heard a large crack,  had to think that a dead tree fell.   We never did see anything – the woods are too thick.  Maybe this fall when all the leaves are gone we can see which tree fell – not that it makes any difference at all.


feralhogTaking a break on the deck early one evening, saw what we thought was a black dog on the drive. Oh, but wait, here come more black dogs.  Not.   It was a whole pack (or whatever they call a bunch of hogs)  running out of the woods across the property.  From what we could see,  looked like a couple of adults and a whole slew of little ones.  Must have twenty or so in total.    Hope they keep going.  The amount of damage these feral hogs  can do to a property is staggering.




Bread Tip:

You may find that this works for you . . . or maybe not since I’ve only tried it once with this particular type of bread. Had bought quite a few loaves of the Miss Claudia’s French bread –  David loves it –  and froze it.  However, the last time I baked it, seemed to have come out on the dry side and we didn’t really enjoy it.    So this week when I wanted to bake some to go with our spaghetti, did something different.  Thought to myself, since it was dry maybe it needed moisture  i.e., water?




To fix this, put the defrosted bread loaves under running water. Guess you could say I rinsed them off.  Baked them as usual, and to my surprise, they came out  completely tender and delicious.  No hard ends and no dried out center.  Tasted like fresh bread that hadn’t been frozen.    This will definitely be my way to prepare them in the future.


Secret Categories – Netflix

netflixYou may have already heard that Netflix has hidden categories that you can search for movies and TV shows by genre identification number. (News to me)     Know when we’re scrolling through the titles  seems like there should be more . . . right?  Well this link will take you to the list of secret categories


From there, you can click on various topics – some even have sub-categories – and peruse many more movies and tv shows available.    Obviously, it goes without saying that you need to have a Netflix account to do this.  Know I’ll be spending some time searching for titles we might like to add to our list.


For a print out of all the categories along with their identification number , visit this link:


Once you have the id number, you can easily replace it in the address line using this address to search: – where the 1365 would be replaced with the code you get from the link above.  Seems like it would be easier and I love easy !


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