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Nancy Shrimp, Maloxx Substitute, & Increidble Pies


Note: This was supposed to be last week’s post BUT had a minor disaster. The kitchen drain got stopped up Friday and the over-flow under the sink was gushing water. Needless to say, everything was wet, everything had to be moved out and dried and that was just for a start. David – being the handy man that he is, in spite of his cripped leg – Nancy_Shrimpwas able to get the drain cleared from outside and everything working again . . . Thank Goodness!!! Now let me tell you about Nancy Shrimp . . .


It has to be one of Nature’s laws that when you eat something someone else prepares, it is always soooo much better than when you fix it at home. Even if it’s the same thing. Such was the case a couple of weeks back when we went to visit Nancy and Joe for lunch. Nancy went out of her way to fix a feast – fried shrimp with all the trimmings. In fact, she fried up so many shrimp – that in spite of everyone eating their fill – there were leftovers!!! Nancy is an excellent cook – and I sure could get spoiled eating her wonderful food. Can’t wait until ‘next time’. 🙂


This post is going to be sort of a mish-mash of stuff. David has pulled a tendon and is pretty much out of commission – so not a lot going on. Thought it might be a good time for those bits-n-pieces of info that don’t relate to much of anything.


BirdNestl-2013We’re still working in the yard getting it ‘dog proofed’ – and part of that has been pruning the hydrangeas. I’d seen red wasps flying in and out of one of the bushes so knew I needed to be careful not to disturb a nest. Getting stung by one of those is very painful. Let me repeat myself here – if you get stung by a wasp, ant, hornet, etc., put a dab of household ammonia on it immediately. It will stop the pain in no time and you’ll most likely not see – or feel – any evidence of the sting the next day.


OK – didn’t find a wasp nest but I did find a bird’s nest. It was the cutest little thing – empty, of course – but as with most birds, very well made. I’m thinking it might be the little brown birds that used to build their nest in the planter on the back porch but this year weren’t there. For all you bird people out there, sorry – you can tell I’m not a bird person by the fact that I describe my birds as brown, red, blue, bird with red head, etc.


I like things that have multi-purposes. This is especially true if I can find something at the store that I can use for a purpose other than what it is being sold for, e.g., cat litter box scoopers. Found these at the dollar store. The look like two giant, curved rakes with short handles. The minute I saw them they reminded me of the leaf scoops I’d seen in one of David’s ‘guy’ catalogs – only significantly cheaper . . . . $19.99 vs. $2.00. Naturally, I had to have them. Not so much for leaves but for picking up the grass, mulch, etc. that we were raking out of the yard. And, while – yes – they do work, I use them gingerly as they do not have the strength to hold heavy weight. I did try them on a pile of leaves in the front yard and they definitely can pick up a hefty bunch of leaves. I think I’ll get up a couple more of them next time we’re in town just to have on hand or in case one breaks.




EquateAntiAcidOften substitutes are not as good as the original – but on occasion you find something that works equally as well. I’m talking Maloxx. David takes it ever so often to settle his stomach, however, when he ran out and went looking for more – couldn’t find it anywhere. Called the manufacturer and they said that for whatever reason the product had been removed from the shelves and it would be a ‘few months’ before it would be back. Well, you can guess – it has been more than a ‘few months’ so we started looking for a replacement.


Found this ‘Equate’ – Liquid product on Amazon by comparing ingredients. This one has same ingredients as Maloxx with same soothing results. And two big pluses – it is cheaper and it tastes better! We just ordered a few more bottles off Amazon to have on hand just in case the Maloxx doesn’t make it back to the pharmacy shelf as promised.




Finally, check out I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free for 6 new recipes – all incredible pies. What makes these pies incredible is that the crust for each one forms during baking. There are 3 entree pies and 3 dessert pies:

  • Chicken Tamale Pie
  • Seafood Pie
  • Ham Pie
  • Coconut Pie
  • Brownie Pie
  • Pecan Pie










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