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My Favorite Night Cream: 2 for 1 on Amazon!!!

Bear_72013bThis has been a new and different type of week with our pup – but in spite of his antics, we’re all settling into a routine . . . of sorts. He seems to be growing right before our eyes – and for a curious reason has developed a real fascination for my toes. Think I’m going to have to see if I can find some fashionable – and comfortable – steel-toed house shoes next shopping trip as he has amazingly sharp teeth! 🙂


Bear_72013aWe’re letting him out in the backyard for a daily romp – and David has built an enclosed run next to the porch so Bear can be outside and we can keep an eye on him. He’s still small enough to climb through the fence – and I was totally amazed a couple of days ago at how quick a puppy can be. I was inside the fence and when I turned around – there he was outside the fence looking at me through the gate – with an expression on his face that said, “OK, I’m ready, let’s go!” That little escape route got plugged quickly.


With everything new going on, I still try to find time to keep a ‘beauty’ routine best I can. Mainly, using moisturizers on my face – morning and night. Recently found a new favorite for my nighttime cream – ROC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream. Could be my imagination, but it seems to help with lines and creases. Only problem is that the tube is on the small side and only holds 1 fl. oz – which doesn’t really go very far. So when I ran out couple of weeks ago, went to the store to replace it . . . but was I surprised to see how much the price had gone up since the last time I bought it . . .  a couple of months ago. The original tube had cost right around $16.00 but the new price was over $21 – more than I wanted to pay.


Anytime I think a price is too high, I head to Amazon. And sure enough, found the exact same product and at a lower price. In fact, I got two tubes on Amazon for the price of one tube at the store – and that even included the low shipping cost! .


At first I wasn’t too happy about the projected length of time for delivery…. 2-3 weeks – but I was willing to wait if for no other reason than the major price difference. However, got a pleasant surprise when my package arrived the following week. Odd thing, package had come from the UK. Didn’t have a clue I was ordering from overseas – but it got here faster than some items we’ve ordered domestically.


Over time, we’ve found that cost comparison shopping on Amazon almost always results in a lower price saving us $$$$. And with our membership to Amazon Prime – not only do we get free shipping (on items that qualify) we also get to watch Amazon Prime movies for free on our Roku.   Yes, we do pay for the yearly membership – but the advantages are more than worth it.



Don’t you just feel like there’s always someone trying to take advantage of you. For example, we received an email this morning ‘confirming our purchase’ of a $1,000 camera through Ebay. Problem: we hadn’t purchased any camera through Ebay. The email contained links ‘to confirm details’, verify shipping address (which wasn’t ours), and some other legitimate looking verbiage. But what to do???!!


Most of the time these spoof or phishing emails, as they are called, are an attempt to either get personal information or infect your computer with a virus or malware. We jumped through some hoops to find out where the email came from, checked to see where the links were directed and confirmed that our credit card and other accounts hadn’t been compromised.   Fortunately, we knew what to do. Not everyone does.


If you’d like to read more about the steps we took to find out who sent the email and what YOU shouldn’t do if you receive one, visit Computer Bytes and read article No. 90 at this link.




PS – The picture of the old cabin was taken on a pre-Bear trip on the highway that runs from Crockett to Alto. A very pretty drive and one we hope to make again  this fall when all the leaves are turning.






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