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Lasko ‘Utility’ Fan is like ……

Sometimes you buy something you think you’re going to like – and then are pleasantly surprised to find that out that it much better than expected and you wish you’d bought two. Such was the case with our latest purchase – a Lasko ‘utility’ fan.

It’s not one of your typical ‘home’ fans – you know the various kinds I’m talking about….the ones that sit on a table, or one of the ‘new’ tower style or the old-fashioned looking ones on a pedestal that take up too much floor space and you end up tripping over – but this one looks and works something like a squirrel cage fan… on steroids. It is wonderful. So wonderful, that we went back and bought another one for the garage/workshop.

We bought ours at Sam’s for about $60 but you could probably find them just about anywhere. They’re even available online but the  price was higher – so shop around. 

So what makes it so special… other than the fact that it could blow the hair off your head if you set it on ‘high’? Believe it or not, the air it puts out feels almost cold.  We’ve placed ours so that it helps circulate the air in the house and the A/C seems to be running  less.

The fact that you can adjust the air direction by way of pivoting the fan head lets you set the air to blow up towards the ceiling or down towards the floor. Bet it would be great to dry a wet floor or carpeting that’s just been shampooed.

And, another good thing – before I move on – is that it has two receptacles on the side if you need to plug something in like in a workshop or maybe on the deck.   It does have a max load that it can take but if it gets tripped – there is a reset button.

Now, for something that didn’t work as advertised – Goop adhesive – advertised to be ‘amazing’… but wasn’t.

We were looking for an adhesive that we could use when we re-covered the ATV seat with black vinyl. We started by gluing opposite ends of the seat thinking that when these ‘set’ we would be able to pull the remainder of the fabric tight. Not so. The fabric pulled off and away from the seat frame. Not to mention the difficulty of applying the ‘goop’. Both sides to be glued together had to have an application of the ‘goop’ which had to sit for about two minutes before placing them together. They were then supposed to stick tight. Twenty-four hours later – they easily pulled apart.

As a last-ditch effort to get the seat covered – I said, ‘why don’t we try some of my ‘craft’ fabric glue?’. Reluctantly, David agreed to give ‘my girl glue’ a try. Boy was he surprised!! We put the glue on the underside of the seat frame, folded the fabric over and voila!! it stuck… instantly. What a surprise.

It worked so well, David’s ready to go out and buy several bottles. It’s nothing special, just bought it at Wal-Mart in the craft section … called Fabri-Tac by Beacon Adhesives. Haven’t found anything yet it wouldn’t work on. My new favorite ‘fix-um-upper’. 

With all the heat – not much else going on here. We’ve been watching the weather and hoping the tropical depression that appears to be in the Gulf moves our way. Would love the rain – but could do without all the wind. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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