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I HATE Spiders

bear-5-27-16Seems it hasn’t stopped raining for quite a while, although I know this isn’t true – but everything is just soaked.   Even Bear has been less than energetic.


Took the opportunity earlier this week to check out the tornado shelter since the weather reports said we were in for some rough storms and as it had been a while since I’d checked it, thought it might be a good idea.


shelter_aniWas totally right! Opened the shelter door and wiry, black spiders all along the seal scurried for cover.  There were also these same spiders down in the bottom crawling along the seats.  Got my can of Raid and went to work.  No way I was going down into the bottom without spraying – so I just misted the whole shelter while standing on the ground and let it drift into the abyss.  It worked.  I love Raid.


Next got the wet/dry vac and cleaned out all the dirt and bug bodies. It was amazingly hot and humid down there.  Now waiting for another dry day to go back and wash everything down.  At least, IF we have a tornado, know I’ll not be sharing my space with spiders.


Went out on the deck this morning to feed the goldfish and was amazed to find that the Jenn-Aire had been blown off it’s pad. That rascal is heavy!!  Must have had a pretty good wind during the night because in addition to the BBQ being moved, there were lots of limbs in the front yard.


jennair_aniWhile out there also checked on the tomato plants and they were in need of attention. Guess there had been so much rain softening the ground, they were leaning and needed to be tied up.  Looking forward to home-grown tomatoes in a couple of weeks.







porkmedallionsLove it when I can make a quick, good-tasting lunch. That was today.  Used some of the pork loin I had baked a couple of weeks back, sliced and frozen.  Took one of the packs and sautéed it in olive oil and one tablespoon butter with Italian spices (over low heat).


Served it with pasta bow-ties in a Alfredo sauce.  Spicy green beans rounded out the meal along with fresh French bread and a crisp cucumber salad.  Note:  Keep the pork medallions covered while ‘cooking’.  This will help keep it from drying out and then drizzle the spicy olive oil and butter over the meat before serving.



It’s been about a week since I installed the GSK program into my computer to stop the Windows 10 from automatically downloading – and – knock-on-wood – so far, so good.   Unfortunately my neighbor didn’t know about it and came home to find W10 had automatically installed.  He’s not happy a happy camper, but too late now.

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