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Humpty-Dumpty Has Got Nothing on Me

There’s a first time for everything – and my first time to drop a carton of eggs as I brought them in to the house from the grocery was last weekend. The bag had a split down the side – so don’t know if I can lay claim to it not being my fault or if I just got a bad grip on the bag and it slipped – at any rate they crashed…and broke. Fortunately, not all of them were damaged – in reality only lost two eggs which I think was amazing considering how far they fell which was about three feet.

Once I got them in the house, went into damage control. I had heard that you can take raw eggs, put them into a container and when you want to use them, they will ‘pour out’, one egg at a time. Didn’t think I’d ever had a better opportunity then now to put this theory to the test. So I began going through the eggs selecting the badly damaged ones that I could still pick up.   There were a couple that  I couldn’t even lift out of the carton –  they disintegrated in my hand.   The eggs that were just slightly cracked, I boiled; the rest of the eggs were fine.

Next morning we had two scrambled eggs and they poured ‘as advertised’, one-at-a-time from the container. What a surprise. Wasn’t sure how long I could safely keep these raw eggs in a container so I made blueberry muffins with the left overs that afternoon. End of egg saga.

With the heat staying around 100+, I have not been doing much outside other than watering. Which means I’ve been doing more cooking. Making a sugar-free banana-blueberry pie  for David today – using up the last of the blueberries we picked this week. Should be yummy. We’ll have to pace ourselves eating it…with some whipped cream and blueberry glaze – it’s so tempting to eat more than we should.

And, have a few more ‘helpful hints’ – you may or may not already know these – but thought I pass them along anyway.

We taken to buying tubes of Angus ground meat at the Brookshires – better texture and taste. I’ve found that by cutting one end off and then making a slight cut in the other end the meat comes out more easily. I can then do whatever with it.

Another tube meat hint (this works really well with the tube sausage) – if you want to freeze a tube of meat/sausage but don’t want it frozen whole but would like to cut it into sections before freezing, the easy way to do this is to cut with a sharp knife through the plastic package – only – all the way around and then, holding on either side of the cut – with your hands almost touching, twist the tube like you would if unscrewing something. The meat will cleanly twist apart and you’ll have nice-sized freezable portions without a gooey knife or the typical squashed tube of sausage you get when trying to cut through everything.

Since I cook for two most of the time, I find myself sometimes using only half of the packaged seasonings I buy, i.e., taco seasoning, meat marinades, etc. – but I do need and want to keep the directions. So rather than cut off the top of the envelope which cuts off half the instructions, I cut off the bottom of the envelope leaving the directions in tact. I then roll the bottom of the envelope to close it and seal it with a little tape. Keep all my leftover half-packages in a zip bag in the fridge and I’m ready for next time I need that spice.

We splurged last weekend and had some fresh baked cinnamon rolls – I have to confess they were from a package but they caught David’s eye at the grocery and he really wanted them … need I say more. I baked them up per directions but when they came out of the oven they looked dry. So, before I frosted them, I took melted butter and brushed it over the tops. Made them soft and gave a great buttery flavor. You can use this ‘butter trick’ with any baked bread or roll when you take them out of the oven – helps give them a rich flavor and makes the crust less dry.

Final hint has to do with laundry. I love drying my clothes outside – love that fresh smell and it helps cut electricity – but sometimes the clothes (especially towels) get stiff. When this happens I put all the ‘stiff’ things into the dryer along with a damp wash cloth and run the dryer for about 20 minutes. The clothes come out soft as can be and still have that nice outdoor, line-dryer smell.

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