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It has been a rather trying week. Doctor appointment – which always leaves us on tether hooks until we get the ‘okay’ from the doctor that all is normal, dealing with an unusually large number of  phishing emails  . . . you know the kind, someone looking to get your personal information so they can reek havoc of some sort and then poor service – USPS mail specifically – which resulted in an undelivered bill.  Have to give the people at Discover credit – they were extremely understanding and helped me get everything straight.


At times like this, my brain tends to shut down to a certain degree. So when I saw the following video had to think  to myself guess we’re never too old to learn how to ‘buck up’ and ‘persevere’.  The video is longer than the normal video I’m willing to sit through – 10 minutes+ – but well worth the time.  After all 159 MILLION+ viewers can’t be wrong.  WOW !!!!    Think it must the all time high count for views that I’ve ever seen for anything out there.

Hope you find it as inspiring, enjoyable and entertaining as I did. In fact, think I might go so far as to call it a ‘Tap’ moment . .  .

‘Tap’ references a book I read, The Tap about those moments in life when you feel you should say or do something, i.e., God tapping you on the shoulder – you never know why, just that it is something you should do.


Click on the image below to view the video on Facebook.  If prompted to sign in to a Facebook account, just click on ‘Not Now’.




Will be back next time with a super easy way to make spiced apple rings, napoleons and more !  Maybe by then my brain will be back ‘in gear’.  🙂


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