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Honey, did you burp the beaker?

With the temperatures hitting the upper 90’s around 10am, we’re not doing as much work in the yard . . . . but have been taking time to sit on the deck just to enjoy the breeze and watch the birds. The birds we have here are not the same varieties we had in the city.

Here we have a wide variety of birds including…

  • Red Tail Hawks
  • Sparrow Hawks
  • Buzzards (Not very pretty; but soar like eagles)
  • Crows
  • Scissor-tails
  • Woodpeckers
  • Mocking Birds
  • Blue Birds
  • Cardinals
  • Painted Buntings
  • Brown Birds (Wrens???)
  • “Chickadee” Birds (don’t know if they’re true Chickadees but they look like what I think one should look like)
  • Hummingbirds

…. and a few more we’ve seen but can’t identify – because we’ve only seen then maybe once and not long enough to get a good look.

My favorites are the blue birds, the painted buntings and the hummingbirds.

The blue birds (male, of course) are a vibrant blue with a ‘rusty-red’ breast. David has built a lot of houses for them (all painted red) which are attached to the fences around the yard – so we have lots of blue birds. They come back every year – at least I like to think they come back because the houses are always occupied. They’re great for eating all kinds of bugs in the trees and in the garden.

Until we moved out here, I’d not seen a Painted Bunting. They are slightly smaller than the blue birds but strikingly beautiful in their colored feathers – red, yellow, blue and green. We’ll watch them as they sit on the fence wire and eat the seeds off the bahia grass. They don’t appear to be as comfortable around the house as the blue birds so we don’t see them that often. And, it seems that there aren’t as many of them – we’ve only see two males this year.

The little hummingbirds are always busy. We usually put out feeders (beakers) for them and they sit in the trees and guard their stash. When we first moved up here I went all out for those little birds. Had beakers everywhere on the back porch. Little did I know – that there were that many hummingbirds around. So many in fact we could hardly go out the back door without having to dodge them.

They were continually fighting, knocking each other to the ground and in general just zipping everywhere. There was no way to count them but there had to be hundreds of them!!  😉   I was having to fill the beakers twice a day – morning and afternoon! And, I had to have David go out – on at least two occasions – to pick up an unconscious bird that had been knocked to the ground (didn’t want the ants to get him) and resuscitate him. They would be fighting so hard, they’d knock each other out. David would jiggle the unconscious bird in his hand and after a few seconds, he’d come to (the bird, not David) and fly off. That was the last year I put that many feeders out. I do have to say that among all those little birds we saw the one and only albino hummingbird we’ve ever seen. He was totally white. Looking back – really wish we had tried to get a picture of him.


I have only one beaker now. It’s in the front yard hanging from the big oak. The hummingbirds seem to enjoy it there and I only fill it once every other day. We sit on the deck and watch them feed. But – if one comes along and takes right off – and I know the feeder’s not empty – I’m thinking there is a vacuum of sorts so they’re not getting any juice – and I ask David …. ” Honey, did you burp the beaker?” He’ll go check it for air trapped in the bottom part – and our little friends are ready to go again.

Be sure to check out I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free next few days or so. I’ll be putting up a couple of new recipes. One is for spiced apple rings (go great with ham, pork or chicken and dressing) and a breakfast pizza (easy, fun and the kids will love it).

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  • Sheila

    I wanted to stop by your site and say how much me and my friend Christa appreciated your help when we were at
    Zur Autobahn and you helped us with her tire. Thank you so much. I love your websites. I will be a regular visitor. Would you be interested in exchanging banners or buttons. I have a recipe blog and also a website where I sell my Gourmet Cupboard mixes. Nice you meet you and again thanks so much!! My other website is

  • janmon

    Hi Sheila –

    Glad to hear you and Christa made it safely home! We were wondering if you were able to get the tire fixed. And, glad you like the websites – yes, I’d be happy to exchange banners/buttons – Love your websites as well – very snappy! I’ll be in touch by email. Thanks- Jan