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Helpful Hints – Part 1

My preferred way of doing something is the easy way. So, thanks to an email I received from Hilton last week, I have some new, easy hints to share with you. Some, I’d not seen before but they made such good sense. One or two, we’ve tried here at home. The toothpaste on the headlights does work but if you try it make sure you use regular toothpaste – not the gel kind. And, have plenty of clean soft rags ready for buffing.

Also thought the hint about using nail polish to paint each key a different color was very smart. And, now with all the different colors of nail polish out there – blue, green, black, etc. – not just the pinks and reds – even David will carry a ‘painted’ key … maybe a John Deere green?  But, think he’d draw the line at a bunch of pink keys on his key chain. Just wouldn’t look macho when loading ‘stuff’ at the local hardware.

This is the first group of hints. There were eighteen of them (these were my favorites) and I’ll post the others shortly.

Check back early part of next week when you’ll see what happened when my beautiful white cake went all wrong.



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