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Have Candy – Will Travel . . .

For those of you not familiar with diabetes, you may not know that you don’t go anywhere without taking along a snack just in case the diabetic’s, i.e., David’s blood sugar begins to drop and you find yourself in a situation where something to eat or drink can’t be quickly had. Think about it, what if we were stranded by car trouble, bad weather, or running behind schedule due to traffic. It’s only happened once, David literally went as white as a sheet and had to lay down – but that one time was all it took for us to know we had to be prepared. That happened a long time ago when he was first diagnosed, and when we weren’t as educated as we should have been.

With David being a Type II, it’s not as critical that we take his blood testing meter every where. And, we do take it if we’ll be gone overnight or longer. But snacks – that’s another thing. I never buy a purse without thinking, “is it big enough to hold snacks without looking like a suitcase?”. That red one is still up for debate.

These snacks might be a juice box, candy pieces, or on a few occasions, I’ve even carried fruit a few times. Bananas really make everything in my purse smell funny so we’ve pretty much stopped toting them around. Needless to say, the candy is my preferred take-along – and, now since we have David’s favorite candy … Lemon Drops – thanks to Nancy – we’re both happy. They have a special place on the kitchen island so as to be sure we won’t forget them. We took them on our trip to Round Top last week and I think he had two of them. I’ll be interesting to see how long he can ration them since the ones he really likes are hard to find.

Ever wonder if that ‘green’ skillet – Orgreenic Frying Pan – on television works as advertised? I did, so I bought one to test for myself. It is said to be made of ceramic, maybe like the knives? So, I was surprised on reading the directions, that it needed to be seasoned . . . just like cast iron. Manufacturer also recommended that this seasoning process be done at least twice a year, and that the skillet be hand washed. That’s fine with me, I’m used to hand washing skillets. I don’t like putting any of my Teflon coated skillets in the dishwasher as the washing process tends to scratch the coating.

Another thing about the skillet,  it comes with a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ – BUT after reading through the fine print, the costs for shipping it back and then having to pay for return postage as well – I could just about buy a new one at the local store for the same money. So don’t think I’ll be taking advantage of that warranty which is fine with me – one less piece of paper to keep up with.

Skillet Update: Just finished fixing breakfast using ‘the’ skillet for frying an egg. It worked just like on TV – egg slid right out of the skillet. However – according to David – it didn’t have the same flavor. Hmmmmm…that would be due to . . . bacon fat vs. no fat.

In my opinion, this skillet would be perfect for anyone that is on a No Fat or Low Fat diet. You can literally cook without any oil, grease, or butter. But you do sacrifice the flavor (and feel) you get from using them. Since we’re not on a No Fat diet (yet), I’ll still use my green skillet – only I’ll continue to prepare foods the same way I always have – for maximum flavor, minimum calories – with an occasional splurge of fried shrimp and chicken fried steaks!

We rarely go to movies anymore – don’t really know why. Guess I would have to say that it is mainly because there are no movie theaters nearby. However, saw the trailers for the new James Bond movie this past week on TV and it looks like something we might enjoy. Full of action. Not to mention that Judi Dench is in it and we always enjoy her acting. And, if you haven’t heard, Adele is doing the theme song. Of the past Bond songs, the one that sticks in my head is the Goldfinger – and that’s been quite a while. With Adele singing this new one, knew it had to be a winner. The video below is Adele singing Skyfall – take a listen.


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