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Happy Birthday David !

duck_crocsToday is David’s birthday which this year meant the couple of weeks leading up to the big day have been busy. Mainly due to the fact that his brother and sister-in-law came for a surprise visit.  I’d known about for a quite while but keeping it from David was another story. It was no small job keeping the visit under warps while doing the grocery shopping, cleaning, sprucing up the guest room, baking a birthday cake … or in our case a birthday Mississippi Mud Pie, so we’d be ready. But together, we managed to pull it off. And what a nice surprise it was.

I began the day by turning off all the gate announcers so David wouldn’t hear anyone coming in. So when the door bell rang – and there stood Jack and Jerry, think I can say he was totally amazed. It was a grand visit and we had loads of fun. He got lots of his favorite stuff for gifts – shirt, gift certificate to Lowe’s – can you say tools? – and a pair of Crocs.


After J&J had left, David had another big surprise. When he logged on to his computer, there on Google was the Google name spelled out in birthday cakes and when he placed the cursor over the image, up popped the message, “Happy Birthday David!”.




blimpWe then headed to town where we saw something you don’t see everyday. A large blimp hanging in the air over I-45. For those that may not know, I-45 is the Interstate that connects Houston to Dallas. And it wasn’t one of those plain advertising blimps – it was decorated and quite colorful. It was pretty far away and at first we thought it was a fish, but on getting a better view as it got closer, it wasn’t a fish – but couldn’t tell what it was. So when we got home, checked on the Internet and found it. At least to the best of our judgment. It looked just like the Despicable Me blimp. Haven’t any idea what they would be doing in Centerville, Texas – but there they were.


Earlier in the week, before all the celebrations, we did little work in the yard. And since it is termite season, guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when we saw a swarm of them coming out of the landscape timbers used for the walk between the little red barn and the garage. There were so many of them that the ground looked like it was moving. Creepy!! We grabbed the Raid and started spraying. Got them all before they had a chance to swarm off.


Then while in the house working on lunch, saw some more from the kitchen window flying around. termites_1So had to go check on that as well – just knew they were in the little porch leading from my paint room. But no . . . would you believe they were coming out of the mulch in the flower bed! I could hardly believe my eyes. I would have never thought that termites would live in mulch. But there they were, crawling from under the bits of wood. So, once again, got the Raid and sprayed the flower bed. Granted there weren’t as many of them there as on the timbers – but any termite is a problem. After that, I went around the whole house checking the flower bed mulch for more termites.   flowers_2013aDidn’t see any but you can be sure I’m going to keep my eyes open. I’ve already purchased some flowers and strawberry plants to set out and if the weekend is as nice as forecast, I’ll really enjoy getting outside for a while this weekend.





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