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weedsI am definitely suffering an early case of Spring Fever. In spite of the fact that the trees are budding out – it is still pretty cool outside. Cool enough that I’ve not been tempted to . . . as my Mom used to say . . . go dig in the dirt. David did get energized last weekend and mowed the yard. Or more precisely, he moved the weeds. I’m always amazed at the number of weeds that just seem to pop up over night. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that they grow two feet over night!


We had company last weekend. My cousins (Dwight & Kathleen) came and spent the weekend. Always fun. Did miss Dwight bringing his guitar – he’s quite talented at singing and writing music for those that don’t know him. We did get in a lot of good visit time – mainly because it was too windy to go outside and do anything. Fortunately, we didn’t loose power while they were here. When we have a stout wind, you can pretty much bet we’ll loose our power. But we lucked out this time and David didn’t have to hook-up the generator.


Loosing our power has always been a problem from day one.  Although it is better than it used to be.   At different times, we’ve even considered buying insurance for the extra food we keep in the freezer. But for whatever reason, it’s seems to be one of those things that you talk about but never do. Main reason we’ve let it slide is probably having a dependable back-up generator.  (Learn more about generators.)  However, if you are one of those people who do have a policy to replace the food in your freezer IF the power goes off and you end up having to throw it all out, be aware that some insurance policies require you to provide receipts for the food lost.




So if you’re out there stocking up on Omaha steaks, Blue Bell ice cream, lobster tails and other freezer goodies, keep those receipts separate and in a safe place. You may need them to make a claim. Similar to the ‘return policy’ at Lowe’s for any plant that dies within a year. Hmmmmm – you not only need the sales receipt, you also need to take in the dead plant. May even want to hang onto the original packaging. Somehow, I’m not sure a three or four dollar plant is worth that much trouble.  Final thought about freezer insurance  – check with your insurance company to see what the requirements are for filing a claim.


blackenedtalapiaMixed up a batch (probably the last one for the season) of eggnog ice cream as a celebration for having our taxes finished. You all know how much I hate doing taxes. And it seems each year they get more involved. 🙁 Of course, that didn’t mean we had to celebrate by eating half the carton. But – hey – once in a while you just have to throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself. I always find doing something like that a good ‘memory jog’ as to why I don’t do it more often. Can you say ‘I feel fat !!!’


We enjoyed blackened tilapia with shrimp for lunch this week.   (Spice recipe here.)   Had a couple of servings of wild rice left over and thought the two would go well together. They did. Now I’m waiting for briskets to go on sale so I can build up my BBQ stash in the freezer. BBQ-ing is an all day ordeal (12-14 hours) and the weather has to be nice . . . so it takes a little pre-planning.  I’ve got the charcoal and wood chips.  Now I  just need  the meats . . .  and a little energy.


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