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Freezers: Upright vs. Chest

vacuum2I like easy. . . and I like anything that makes my life easier. So I was really happy when they delivered the freezer last week. It’s a little bigger than I would have wanted – but David believes in always  buying ‘up’.   We bought a frost-free, upright freezer (easier to use).  I had a chest freezer many years ago and it is a bear to get to the stuff in the bottom once it gets full.  I found I ended up with – Lord  knows what – practically glued to the bottom of the freezer.  I’d have to hang over the edge, feet  dangling, barely touching the ground,  breathing super-cold air that burned my nose as I tried to pry stuck packages of mystery food off the bottom that would invariably be tossed. 

This new freezer has lots of shelf space, drawers and places in the door where I can stash stuff.  It is electronic (isn’t everything?) – so we definitely put it on surge protectors.   As you can see it doesn’t have a lot in it at the moment but we’re working on that . . . and I can now save money and stock up on store specials, have prepared food ready for company or for times when I don’t feel like cooking – and reduce the content of my refrigerator’s freezer so I don’t experience an avalanche every time I open the door.  We have a side-by-side  with a very narrow freezer space.  Don’t know what I was thinking when we got that !! 

We went to the HEB in Crockett yesterday and I picked up a few of their sale items – very lean pork loins and breakfast sausage. Once we got these home I had David help me re-package them into serving size portions. vacuum1We then used my favorite new gadget – battery operated vacuum sealer – to store them in special zip-style freezer bags. These special bags have an opening that allows you to vacuum the air out with the vacuum gadget. Everything now should keep really well and hopefully not suffer freezer burn. So far the couple of times I’ve used these bags in the past they have worked well. My only complaint – if you want to call it that – is that the plastic wrap gets really stuck to the food and tends to tear (almost breaks) as you try to remove it. I’m thinking I may try putting the plastic wrapped food into an inner bag (non-vacuum) before I put it into the vacuum bag or wrap the food in freezer paper instead of plastic. Will have to experiment a little with these 2 options.

vacuum3Another thing that makes my life easy is Dawn Power Dissolver. Cooking as much as I do – it goes without saying that I have scorched a few pots in my time. Used to be I would scrub what seemed like forever to try and clean the burned food. But now all I do is squirt on the Dawn Power Dissolver, let it sit for an hour (or overnight) and rinse. It cuts through the burned food like a charm – and I can wash the pot and its back to normal. Really good stuff and it works on both metal and glass. There is an alternative – regular old dishwasher detergent works just about as well. Depending on the size of the burned pot. . . put 1-2 tablespoons of the detergent into the pot along with just enough water to cover the burned area. Swish the detergent around to help it dissolve and then let the pot sit. You’ll find this method takes a little longer so let the pot sit overnight.

It’s a beautiful day today with a wonderful weekend forecast.  Think I’ll stop work early and make a sugar-free lemon pie for David – he just loves lemon.  Also have plans for tomorrow to rake leaves (again), and do a little outside painting to help winterize a couple of screen doors.   Have some more  work to do on a new project for our Internet business program as well. If you have ever thought about having your own website or blog – visit – it explains everything  in very ‘non-techy’ terms on how to go about setting everything up. You’ll even find the necessary providers there.

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