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Fall Fever . . . Again

For whatever reason, I seem to be running behind schedule these days. And with that being said, here it is Saturday morning and I’m just now sitting down to write this post. David has gone to town to pick-up some tin for the ‘shed’ he’s building and while he was gone, I had thought about going outside and pulling weeds but . . .will leave that till later in the day or I may never get this post finished.   Back to being behind schedule – we didn’t even make it into town this week to do shopping. Guess that will get bumped to next week . . . if we want to eat.

Also, had plans to try a couple of new recipes – but even that didn’t get done. Reason being, I needed a Bundt pan for one recipe – and while I know I have one – it took me all week to find it ! Finally found it Friday afternoon, in the kitchen, in the back corner of a bottom cabinet . . . using a flashlight!! Probably put it there because I rarely – almost never – use it.

While on the hunt for it had a nasty surprise. Let me begin by saying that when we first moved up here, David built large storage cabinets in the garage. Floor to ceiling. They are great. He built them with shelves spaced inside to hold file boxes so you can easily store unused stuff. And I have. So thought – ‘Aha’ – this might have be somewhere I would have stashed my Bundt pan. No Bundt pan but did find a HUGE nest of quite large spiders. I hate spiders.

My first thought was, “wow, look at all those bugs piled up’. However on closer inspection – the lights in the garage are not the brightest – I about fainted right there on the spot . . . they were all spiders! Must have been at least 20 of them. Not baby spiders –  BIG ones!! (Needless to say – there is NO picture of these spiders) Without hesitation, I ran for David to get the insect spray and take care of the ‘situation’. I know he sprays with Home Defense (good stuff) around the house but guess the garage will need a little extra attention on his next round of spraying.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m on the hunt for sugar free cranberry Jell-O. It makes the best cranberry sauce when used with real cranberries, however, it is sometimes hard to find. This is especially true now that the places we shop don’t have the variety of the stores in Houston. If I’m lucky enough to find it, you can bet I’m going to buy several boxes and freeze them.

David just got back with the tin and went out to see how he fared coming home with 10′ metal sheets that stuck way out over the tailgate. Pretty good, I’d say. Especially since he used thecargo extender he has. It fits into the trailer hitch and you can use it to carry stuff longer than the pick-up bed – no problems at all. Now he can get that ‘shed-port’ finished that he’s been working on all summer.

Before coming back in, took a few minutes to feed the fish and check on my few flowers that are still blooming. Thought it interesting that most of the ones blooming are either in shades of blue and purple. OK – there’s a couple of pink ones too . . . and maybe a red one. The rosemary herb that I planted a few years back has gotten huge. I don’t think David likes it very much as it does have quite an aroma. However, it is in bloom right now and completely covered with tiny blue flowers…really pretty. Strange thought – haven’t seen any bees on it.

The azalea in the front – I call it  my ‘Aunt Rose azalea’ – is in bloom which is strange to me. I thought azaleas only bloomed in the Spring but this one seems to be slightly out of step with the seasons. The herb box is still cranking along. The garlic chives I planted from seed are surviving. There for a while I wasn’t too sure they’d make it. Now, hoping if I take good care of them through the winter, they’ll make it for sure. The pentas continue to bloom and I’m always surprised to see butterflies still fluttering around them here in October. The hummingbird feeder is empty – even the wasps have abandoned it, they seem to like the sugary drips – and I need to get it down, cleaned and stored for next year not having seen a hummingbird in a couple of weeks now. And, finally, need to get out there are rake leaves. I have big plans to turn all the oak leaves into mulch. So far the leaf mulch we put down about three weeks ago is hanging in there – looks good, hasn’t deteriorated, and hasn’t packed like I thought it might. Love that Worx blower/vacuum. Turning all those leaves into mulch should save me having to buy about 12 bags of mulch. After doing the math – that’s a lot of $$$. We figure the money we save just on buying mulch should pay for the Worx in no time.

Lastly, update on the green skillet.
After having used it all week, I think I’m going to really like it. Reheats meat so that it’s heated but not greasy, cooks eggs, hash browns, cottage fries and makes stir fry meals with minimal oil or butter. I only use a sliver of butter or couple of drops of olive oil for flavor. And, best of all, it cleans up with little effort. Most of the time I just wipe it out with a paper towel.

PS – One reason I’ve been behing schedule is that I’m updating some of our webpages – one being our Moncrief Web Design  page and the Computer Bytes articles (click on link at top of MWD page).   If you’re looking for helpful hints on computers, software and the like, give it a look, we’ll be adding new articles.  Our new one shows how to convert your computer’s old C Drive into a new external hard drive so you don’t lose all those impoortant files.


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