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Dog Days of Summer

After those few days of “cool” a while back – we are really feeling the heat this week. We had a 111 degree ‘heat index’ one day.  WOW !!!    Hoping for some rain starting middle of the week – and we really need it.  When we first moved up here, the locals told us we’d never complain about rain – now I understand why.  We’re under a Burn Ban and the grass is crunchy when we walk on it.    About the only good thing is that the pears  left on the trees are nice and ripe.



Shopping is curtailed – don’t like to get out in the heat – but we like to take Bear with us when we go.  Have to make a stop at the Tractor Supply, of course – and when we go he rides in the back seat.


I’ve been using a purchased seat cover but it had gotten to the point of too much hair and too many small tears. Really didn’t want to buy another one so came up with the idea of using suspenders and a packing blanket as a seat cover.  Both of which are relatively inexpensive.  Love that part!   That means I can replace the hairy cover more often.  Thought:    Instead of the- packing blanket could use an old bedspread, quilt, or anything else for  that matter that covers the seat area.


To do this I fitted the packing blanket (PB) to cover the whole seat, tucking it in to the opening where the back of the seat meets the bottom of the seat. This helps to help hold the PB in place.  Did have to fold the ends  under along the outside edges so that the PB would not get caught when closing the door.  Next I took the suspenders and adjusted the length so that the two clamps would fit tightly on either side of the head rests and across the whole of the back seat.  This holds the PB really tight in place and keeps Bear’s weight from pulling the PB down.


Have to say, that I was limited in the selection of suspenders available. Wanted the ones that are shaped like an ‘ H ‘ (thought they’d fit and look better), but had to get the ones that have the ‘V ‘ in the back.  This makes for a somewhat bulky bit of suspender showing on the top of the seat.  Will be on the lookout for the  ‘ H ‘ ones for next time.


So far this has been working really well. We’ve made several trips and the suspenders are holding the PB nicely. Nice and neat.  In fact, much neater and easier to use than the purchased cover.


Will need to find a fabric little more sturdy though – I’m seeing tears to the PB thanks to Bear’s weight and nails. But –  this is definitely an easier way to cover the back seat – and cheaper too!!


Fortunately, Bear hasn’t bothered the suspenders – just knew he’d think we’d put in a permanent chew toy for him to enjoy while riding. Dogs do sometimes have a weird way of thinking.  Saw the following [1] bits of ‘dog logic’ online and made a compilation of them.




Now for a bit of human logic. Received a letter from a credit card company asking me to confirm my citizenship ? and update my ‘profile’.  When doing things like this,  I like to talk to a real person.  So I called the number given.

Spoke to a nice person who confirmed that the letter had in deed been sent by the card company and it would take only a few minutes for me to answer the questions.

The two primary questions, in my opinion, were to confirm my citizenship and then to say we were retired. The next two question, caused doubt.  She wanted to know our yearly income.  Now bear in mind, we’ve had this credit card for 20+ years.  Seemed to me if there was a problem with our income, they would have recognized it by now.

So I asked, “Do I have to give this information to keep the card? ”

She answered, “No.”

That being said, I declined to provide that information.

Next question, was to give them the total value of our ‘assets’!!    They wanted everything . . .  house value, any other properties. bank accounts, retirement funds, etc.  You name it, if it was an asset, they wanted it included.   What ?!!!!

Since, I’d declined to answer the first question on $$$$, decided to do that again. I mean, it’s none of their business.   What does this have to do with having a credit card???

Just letting you know, if anyone asks you for information, you don’t have to answer.

Often, my favorite response to a question that I don’t want to answer or I find rude is to say, ‘Why are you asking me that?” Most times, the person can’t give me a good answer this question  and it shuts things down.


Stay safe!













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