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Does Krylon Plastic Paint Work?

Repainted the shutters on the house this last week. That is David did. After about 10 years of sun, rain and heat they were looking pretty shabby. It was easy enough to take them down and since they’re vinyl – and there wasn’t any damage just fading – we opted to paint them rather than buy new ones.

You’ve probably seen some of the new paints out there for plastic, vinyl, metal, concrete, etc. and wondered if they work. Well I can’t speak for the metal, concrete paint – but I can say that the Krylon plastic/vinyl paint works very well – and it has a spray head that sprays evenly.

After cleaning the shutters and allowing them to dry, the paint went on smoothly and with no drips. It dried in about half-hour and was ready for another coat. My only complaint – if you can call it that – is that we only found a very limited number of colors to choose from. Only about five or so at our store. You may find more in a larger city.

The shutters were originally dark green but since that color wasn’t available – we opted for red. I might add it was a very bright red, however, after applying it over the ‘green undercoat’ it mellowed out and looked pretty good. We were pleased and now we’ll wait to see how well it performs in the weather.  (Those are my paints on the table, I was in the middle of painting the totem pole when I decided to take the picture.  And, don’t those pink geraniums clash something awful with that red!  They will definitely have to be replaced….)

After re-hanging the clean shutters, the little totem pole I have on the front porch looked bad. So I got out my box of acrylic paints and gave it a freshening up. Did not do a thing to it before painting – didn’t even dust off the spider webs – just painted right over everything.  It was just too hot to fuss over it too much.   Have to say it turned out looking pretty good too.

While I was painting the totem pole, David was painting our target. We both practice target shooting right off the front porch. I’m not nearly as accurate as David but I can hit the big one! 


When we planted the peach trees, we planted different varieties so we could have fruit throughout the summer. But…. didn’t know this would mean I’d be fighting crows and squirrels all summer as well. They both just love peaches.

I haven’t put a bird-net over the tree this year (although I have one) but have tried putting net ‘socks’ over the limbs that have peaches about to ripen. These net socks are the plastic mesh bags the popsicles come in. We don’t throw much away and these bags seem to be working so far. It’s taken me all these many years to figure out how to manage the fruit trees, i.e., pruning, feeding, etc. – so I’m hopeful that next year I’ll have all my ducks in a row so that we get lots and lots of peaches.

Even though the harvest this year is a bit skinny, we’ve gotten enough to enjoy some fried pies and fruit salad. Chopped up some fresh peaches along with a cantelope and surprisingly – it was really good.

For those reading this that remember Grandma’s peach trees out on the farm, these peaches taste and smell just like the ones we used to pick all those many years ago. What a wonderful memory! Went looking for a picture I know I have of Grandma with a pail of peaches on her arm…. but sadly couldn’t find it. If I come across it anytime soon, I’ll put it up.

BTW – we’re not having a drought (brown field above), they’ve just cut the hay and will be baling it next day or so.  I hope.

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