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HummingbirdFabulous weekend! Spent part of the time working in the yard which included trimming the peach trees (slightly late for this chore), pruning the pear trees, dead-wooding the blueberries and general snipping and clipping. We haven’t done any planting or gardening and not sure we will this year . . . mainly because we are getting a dog. Went to visit the breeder last week and are now waiting for late-July or early-August to get our pup! More on all of that later. Right now we’re getting things around the house and yard ready for ‘D’-day. BTW – he’s a German Shepherd. Can’t wait!!!


The hummingbirds are back. Saw the prettiest little ruby-throated one outside the kitchen window. He was checking out the newly planted petunias – so thought that would be a good place to put the feeder . . . in the sassafras tree next to the birdbath with the petunias. (Had planned to get a pic of it, but too cold and wet this morning.)  Now I get to enjoy the hummingbirds when I’m in the kitchen – which is quite a bit of time. Last year had the feeder hanging under the old oak in the front yard. But didn’t get to enjoy the little hummers very much – so this year should be more fun. Although haven’t seen any of them this morning since the temp is pretty cool…for Texas! at a dampish-42 degrees.


caramelsfolgerscoffeeTime to get out the proverbial soap box! Don’t know if you are following the news stories about ‘no inflation’ . . . but, while that may be true based on government math, my calculator begs to differ. Couple of examples – bought coffee and caramels the other day. Price was the same but the weight was significantly different. Old coffee can held 38.4 ounces; new coffee can held only 33.9 ounces. That’s a difference of about 9%.


The caramels were about the same. Previous bag held 14 ounces; new bag only 11 ounces. A difference of about 8%. So while the news medias might report no inflation – they’re neglecting to report that even though the prices are the same, the amounts we’re getting for the same dollar value is diminishing.


I am still super busy with web-work this week so this post is short. But, I will have my new sugar-free recipe – end of the week (I hope) – for Apple-Caramel Mini-tart. That is if all goes as planned – which more often than not isn’t the case around here.







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