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Car Tips

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is an over-abundance of information on the Net these days?


I don’t have a whole lot of spare time to slog through all of it but did see a slideshow the other day on taking care of the car.[1]   Now, before going on – have to say I am NOT a car person.  But, have found I’m having to become a car person since David can’t do that anymore.


Anyway . . . thought there were some good tips shown.  Picked my favorites – out of the 43!!  shown – and you’ll find them below.  There were a couple that I thought seemed questionable, i.e., using steel wool on the windshield and putting the floor mats into the washer.  Yikes!!!  Others not shown seemed to me to be just common sense.   To see the whole slideshow, visit this link.





Next time – recipe for old-fashioned fried shrimp.  Fixed these the other day and David said they tasted like the ones he remembered as a kid.  So, will whip up another batch on Sunday – and take notes this time.


Thank You !







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