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Camping ‘City-Style’

Think it’s hot? Try going without A/C for a couple of days! So far this past week has been the hottest we’ve had all summer – 105 – and guess what…. our A/C decided to go out. Went out late Tuesday. Too late to call for help? Nope. David called Ron – the man that had installed the unit – that night and he said he’d be out Thursday morning. (One of the nice things about living in the country – you can call for help just about anytime.) Too bad for us, he already had calls scheduled for the next day, Wednesday. In the meantime, we’d have to cope. And cope we did.

Well, now this city girl has never gone camping in the traditional sense of camping, not even once – but I was willing to learn. In fact, would have welcomed a crash course if it would have meant I’d been cooler.

Neither one of us had even for one moment considered we might sleep on the ground with all those creepy-crawlers, but camp we did – ‘city-style’ , in my paint room. You know, the one David built a while back with the window A/C unit, nice linoleumed floor and hookup for computer and radio.  Now, while it’s not outfitted for sleeping, it didn’t take us long do a little re-arranging and haul the guest room mattress out there.

The forearm forklifts straps made carrying the awkward mattress a breeze. We then ferried out all our creature comforts: telephone, snacks, drinks, computer, etc. In fact, we were very comfortable. Laid there ‘in bed’ nice and cool, propped up watching Netflix on the laptop computer we’d set up on a TV table at the end of the mattress; reclining against our makeshift headboard – the potato bin that holds my canvases. Thought I’d have trouble going to sleep in such a strange circumstance – but no problem. Only complaint, if you can call it that, was the sunrise woke us up a tad earlier than we’re used to because there are so many windows in the room.


After our surprisingly restful night of camping, went back inside and opened all the windows and turned on all the fans – plus a couple of extra fans David brought in from the barn. We were amazed at how fast the temperature inside the house was going up. Inside temperature started out at 86 degrees that morning but by late afternoon – temperature was 98 degrees inside and a whopping 104 outside. Needless to say, we were ready for the day to end and go cool off and kick-back in the paint room. We were getting pretty good at this by now.

We’d been eating all our meals out there – kolaches for breakfast, sandwiches, salads and cold fried chicken with lots of iced tea – all on the old enamel topped table. I wasn’t about to cook anything that would make the house any hotter than it already was. If that were possible?

We spent another night camping, hoping it would be the last. And fortunately Ron came early Thursday morning – about 8:30. We’d just finished having a breakfast of kolaches, cantaloupe, and coffee on the front porch.

From David’s description when he  called Tuesday night, Ron had the problem nailed – seems there’d been an epidemic of the same problem with other customers due to heat and fluctuations in power. He replaced the ailing capacitor and had us up and running in less than an hour.

It’s nice and cool inside now but I’m thinking I need to buy one of those inflatable matresses to keep around so that the next time we need a camp-bed, it’ll be a much easier than dismantling the guest room bed and hauling a mattress around.



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