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Bits & Pieces: Butter by the Inch; E15 Gasoline

thiefThese first few days of this new year have been very hectic. Seems whenever I take any time off – it is so hard for me to get back into a routine of work. What with all the websites (and blogs) we have – it took me just about all week and then some, just to get all of them updated with new content. But it got finished. I placed a list of all our sites at the bottom of this post should you ever be looking for any information they might cover.

Now you may remember that it wasn’t too long ago we had our credit card hacked and thousands of dollars charged to it. Well, would you believe it happened again ?! And to the same credit card ?! Yup! Got an email late last night from the Fraud Division of Discover that our card had ‘suspicious’ activity and to call. Which of course David did. Whoever got the card  number, was in Houston charging away. The Discover people cancelled the card immediately and will send us another one. What a pain. Only good thing, is that we’re not liable for any of the charges and Discover does notify when there are any charges to our card that are not typical to our buying pattern. They provide this service at no charge . . . thank goodness.  David is going to call the Discover people next week so we can see if we can figure how this keeps happening.  I’ll keep you posted what to look out for IF there are any good tips.



butterButter by the Inch

Did some baking over the holidays – not as much as usual – but used quite a bit of butter. While most sticks of butter are marked with measurements, this particular package was not marked. I had another stick of butter that was marked so decided to make a note as to the length in inches corresponding to the tablespoons / cup measurements for future reference. If you ever find yourself needing this bit of obscure information to measure butter in inches, here it is:

4 Tablespoons or 1/4 cup = 2-7/8″

5-1/3 Tablespoons or 1/3 cup = 3-1/8″

8 Tablespoons or 1/2 cup = 4-5/8″

Gasoline Warning

e15You may or may not have heard of the new gasoline (now being pumped in California) that contains higher quantities of ethanol. The gas you use now is considered E10, new formula is called E15. While E10 gas is known to cause damage to gaskets, fuel lines, etc. – this new gas blend will be even more damaging. So much so that some of the bigger car manufacturers will not honor new car warranties IF E15 gas is used as fuel.

You can visit the link below to see a Fox video a news story on E-15 gas.

Note from Jan:  You may have to click on the black area where the video will display to get it to play.  I tried the link and that is what I had to do.  You can also try refreshing (F5) the page if video doesn’t load right away.  It is there. . .just may be a little stubborn to get going . . . and you’ll have to see an ad first.  Sorry.

What Keeps Us Busy. . . .

Now when you have some spare time, please take a look at some of our other sites:

Home Survival Handbook – this is going to have lots of information on how to survive or you can use the information to make your life easier. We’re also going to cover how to determine what’s wrong with appliances and how to fix simple repairs around the home – plus so much more that it would be impossible to list it all.

Power to Earn Money – how to put up your own website, blog or start an online business. All easy to understand with lots of examples.

Texas Antique Mall – antique information about collecting, selling and caring for your collectibles.

Perfect Jerky – how to make the perfect jerky

Texas Antique Mallour original site online going on 17 years – lots of information for antiquing Texas – and general antique care

Texas Antique Mall Online Store – lots of  items for sale with Free Shipping (Check out our new sterling silver jewelry items!!)

Gold Coins – Silver Bullion – fun facts, and current news and information about buying gold and silver bullion

I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free – sugar free recipes, regular recipes and helpful charts – plus shop our Pantry.

Moncrief Web Design – our web design site plus get answers to your computer questions …. visit the link ‘Computer Bytes’.  We’ll keep you current on how to care for and keep your computer safe.

This is Our Texas – tourist and travel information for Texas – helpful links to state agencies,  events calendar, complete accommodations guide, locate auctions – plus much more.

Texas Toy Man – David’s blog about vintage toys





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