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BBQ, Tractors & Surviving

bbq_2013¬†Finally – everything came together yesterday … briskets were on sale and we had warm weather – 82 degrees. As they say ‘the perfect storm’ for me to get out there are BBQ. Ended up smoking some sausages and boudain as well as two very large briskets that we cut in half only because that made them easier to handle. When they were finished, we cut those ‘four briskets’ into thirds for meal-sized portions that we individually wrapped and vacuum packed to freeze. We’ll enjoy those meals for next couple of months or so ūüôā –¬† Not to mention today’s lunch!

Driveway_2Like I said yesterday was perfect. Today not so much. The temperature is on the cool side (52 degrees) and it is completely cloudy with a 40% chance of rain. Even at that it is pretty. There is a light haze in the distance and with the trees budding out plus the field being full of yellow flowers – it feels and looks different. Everything seems to have a slight yellowish-green tint to it.


Couple of things about living in the country that we’ve learned. One, you better be able to do most everything for yourself including being able to cook, garden, and repair anything. Two, you’re at the mercy of the weather to get those things done. When we lived in Houston, we never gave a thought to repairs – or weather. If there was a problem or something broke down, we just called the serviceman and he came – hot or cold; dry or rainy. We never thought about it. But now – whole different story.


For example, the drive from the gate on the county road to the house is about 1/3 mile long. And, over time it had become rutted, washed out and bumpy making for a very rough ride. So when our neighbor Sam offered his equipment to David to ‘fix’ it, we jumped at the chance. Since David had not used either piece of equipment, first order of business was to get some lessons on how and what to do. David is a quick study so that was easy.


Driveway_3He drove his tractor to Sam’s picked up the disc and came home to disc the driveway. Once he had that finished, he went back to Sam’s, dropped the disc and picked up the chain-drag (haven’t a clue what the real name is for this piece of equipment). This piece was like a large flat chain mat with hooks on the underside. After David had run up and down the drive with it a few times, the driveway was smooth and level. No more ruts or bumps. Now we can come and go without having to dodge the ‘bad spots’.


Driveway_5Watched a show on the TV other afternoon about what to have ready in case of an emergency. Said people should have enough food and water for at least two weeks and sufficient gasoline for cars and generators. If you use those as your criteria for being prepared, guess we qualify – but that’s our norm living in the country. Never know if we’ll make it into town to shop – or if we’ll lose power.


Overall, they did have some good ideas. Many of which we’d already posted on our Home Survival Handbook website. If you’re looking for how to prepare for an emergency – natural or economic – you can get some good tips there. We’re also putting up how to make some basic home repairs to help save $$$ on service calls.


Last bit of info – did you know that there are people out there that may hack into your computer and spy on you via your computer’s or laptop’s web-cam? Scary stuff. Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your family from prying eyes by reading our latest article on Computer Bytes – Is Your Family Safe From Prying Eyes?¬†¬†¬†¬† We tell how these people get access to your computer and give you three ways to protect yourself from falling victim.¬† And, while you’re there¬†check out the Computer Bytes Index ¬†for other articles on computers.

Stay safe!



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