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Are Your Dishes Dull?

You know what they say about Texas weather . . . don’t like it? Wait 5 minutes it’ll change. So true.

We were out in the yard over the weekend enjoying the perfect -albeit windy – weather . . . trimming trees, cleaning out flower beds and doing some general maintenance – and whoa!! it’s cold again today as I write this (Tuesday).

I was all set to do some BBQ-ing – but decided it could wait until the weekend when I hear it is to be warm again.

7-Hopper Weekend

All in all , we were able to get a whole lot done Saturday and Sunday. Seven hopper loads to be exact.

I measure the progress of yard work in the number of hoppers we fill and dump. A 2-hopper day is a good, average day for working in the yard – so believe me when I say a 7-hopper weekend is excellent.  

All this in spite of the fact that when David went to pull down the dead Cypress Vine off the sign post in the backyard, he was stung on the hand by a red wasp. Major OUCH!!!

We hurried in and quickly had him soak his whole finger in a tall glass of ammonia.

After about 5 minutes the burning was gone, and next day he had no soreness, no redness, no swelling . . . and you could barely see where the puncture had been. (Bet he wears his gloves next time.)

We always keep ammonia handy when working in the yard. It’s excellent for relieving the pain (and itch)  from wasps, hornets, ants and any other stinging bite we might get.   Works for Fire Ant bites too.

We’ve found that using one of those plastic bottles with the sponge top (used for sealing envelopes) filled with ammonia to dab on the bite works the best, but this sting required a lot more ammonia than we could get from the bottle. 

Dull Dishes?

Read an article last week about dishwasher detergent. Seems that the ‘active ingedient’ – phosphate – has been removed from the formula because it was  “leaking into rivers and reservoirs depleting the oxygen level for fish and plants”.

The decision to remove the phosphate was made about 6 months ago. So, if you’re like me, and have noticed a difference in the dishes you’ve been washing – this is probably the reason.  It’s not the dishwasher, not the water temperature – it’s the formula!

In the same article, read that Electrosol has been effective ‘post’ phosphate ban because it has been working with enzymes to help cut the grease and burnt on food and includes Jet Dry Gel to produce spotless, shiny glasses. But, when I went shopping Monday I couldn’t find any Electrosol on any of the store shelves around here. I did pick up several of the available dishwasher products and read the labels – not a one had phosphate in it.

I’ll put Electrosol on my shopping list next time we go to Bryan or some other ‘big’ city. It will definitely be worth seeing  if it can get rid of that film that seems to be on everything lately.

Gac Fruit

I’m on the hunt. Read another article about a fruit named Gac –  that sounds like it has the ability to help you – healthwise –  with just about any and everything . . .  including eyes, prostate, cancer, etc. I’ve put a link to the article here – if you’d like to read more.  We’re very much into vitamins, supplements, healthy foods and so on – so after reading this article – sounds like it’s  right up our alley. 

And, if I locate a US source for the supplement, I’ll pass that along as well. So far my search has been….. fruitless. 😉

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