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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have been reading more and more articles about AI and how it can and will be used.   One article I saw a couple of weeks ago showed how a Monet painting could be converted into a photograph by AI.  Not exactly sure why this is something that needs to be done.  Maybe it was just a test?

The pictures here are just a couple of the ones online. [1]




And, of course, if you’re like me, whenever you make a call to almost any Customer Service number you are going to get a computer. Not sure these qualify as AI – but since I’m not talking to a real person – I tossing them into the mix.   Most of the time, I need to talk to a person, so  I just keep saying ‘Operator’ until I get a person if the menu is voice-driven or hitting the ‘ O ‘ key if keypad-driven. It usually works and connects me to a live human.

But have to say my most intriguing encounter with AI to date is when I called to report our phones out of service. Yes, we’re one of the few that still have a hard line.  When those storms came through last week something knocked our phone lines out – no dial tone.  So off I went down the road looking for a signal for our cell phone.  We have no cell service here.  HUGE sigh !

Anyway, found a signal and proceeded to report the outage. Called the ‘Customer Service’ number and was greeted by what I’m calling an AI program.  It was just like talking to a real person.  Pleasant voice (male) and well modulated.

After ‘Hello’, It started the conversation by letting me know I should speak in full and complete sentences as It could understand  me.  Have to say I was a bit taken aback, and my brain was going crazy wondering if I should shorten my sentences?  Which is what I did.

The following is pretty much our conversation,

Me:   We do not have any phone service.

It:   Can you tell me what  the problem is?

Me: Yes, we have no dial tone.

It: Oh, you have no dial tone.  I can fix that.

I proceeded to give our phone number and other requested information, and It concluded,

It:   An  extended outage has been reported in your area and your service should be restored sometime tomorrow.     Do you need help with anything else today?

Me: No.

It: Thank you and good bye.

How strange. Left me wondering what we are in for in the future.  The whole time ‘we’ were talking, all I could picture in my mind was the robot from the movie AI.

Quick computer tip:

David likes to play computer games on his PC to help pass the time, so bought him a couple of new ones for his birthday. Only problem was when he was trying to install them, a box popped up saying something to the effect that “Administrative approval was needed” to proceed.  X-ing out of this pop-up canceled the installation.

If you ever see something asking for ‘Administrative approval’ – try RIGHT clicking on the link.  This will open a menu-box with various options – where you should see an option to ‘Run as Administrator’.  Click on that option and – hopefully – the program will continue.  His did.



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