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After the Rain



It was one wet week last week.  The picture above was taken from the front porch after the rain stopped  (please excuse the burn pile).  When we went to doctor’s earlier in the week, saw creeks flooding over that we’d never seen flood before.  All this rain has   put a real damper on my yard work – especially getting my micro-garden ready.  I didn’t even try to get my garden supplies when we were in town.  Just wanted to get home and dry off.  And do you find people drive crazier when it is raining??


Have done a little work on the garden area since – moved out 6 cinder blocks; 27 pavers and 24 bricks.   That area used to be our ‘storage’ space for such.   WOW – what a lot of work.  Used my son’s old wagon to move them.  Don’t think I could have done it otherwise.  Now that they’re gone, I’m about half through getting the weeds cleared out.


field1_2016Back to the rain . . . did think to set out a pan just to see how much we would get. Judging from the looks of it – would say we got  6+ inches.


One thing about all the rain, the flowers are blooming.  The field is turning yellow and the iris blooms in the goldfish pond filter are popping open.


In spite of the rain, we try to get our two daily walks in. In between the showers naturally.   The clouds were just beautiful.   Think it is important to keep active – and David really enjoys walking with Bear.


Afterwards we always take a break on the deck. Nice time to rest up a little, have a snack and  work some with Bear.  Don’t have as much time to work with him (Bear . . . David is beyond training 🙂 ) , but try to keep him familiar with his basic commands.



It is always amazing to me how much he understands. One day I’m going to sit down and write down all the words he ‘knows’.  You’ll see Bear on a towel in some pictures.  We do this because he knows that is his spot and that is where he is supposed to lay.


The command we worked on last week was ‘leave it’.   To me this one is really important . . . never know what he might pick up.   You can see he was eyeing those treats stacked on his paws.  He did super and didn’t eat them until given the OK.  In fact, a couple of times we went through the work out, he wouldn’t even look at the treats.  Just stared off into space.


bearwithtreatsSo he doesn’t get too many treats, we like to give him Pet Botanics. They come in a variety of flavors (no grain) and are small – which means we usually end up giving him at least two at a time.  They are available on Amazon at a much better price than the pet store.

Get – Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats, Bacon, 20-Ounce on Amazon.


Another good place to work with Bear is at the Tractor Supply.   He loves going there (as does David) .  Since it was time to get another bag of food we packed up and headed out on Friday afternoon.  Wasn’t sure how he would react to all the little chicks they had in pens (lots of peeping going on) . . . but he pretty much ignored them.  Surprisingly, he didn’t even bother to give them a sniff.    He does zero in on the treats when we walk by that aisle  and for some reason he finds the chicken feed enticing.    Go figure?





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