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Although I’ve been busy lately, I’m finding it difficult to find something to talk about. I’m going to blame that on the weather. I’m definitely a sunshine kind of girl and we’ve been having rain – which is good. But having grown up on the Gulf, the sky looks very much like hurricane weather. For those familiar with hurricanes – you know what I mean…. the heavy air, the swirled, low grey clouds with something almost tangible in the air that feels like a premonition of ‘something coming’.

There is a storm in the Gulf (just watched the 10 o’clock news and it’s made landfall) – and it would seem that maybe we’re getting a small part of that storm . . . . the really far northeast part. I do hope we’re able to sneak by without getting any major hurricanes this year. I really don’t like them nor all the damage they do.

Have been busy this week mostly with computer work. Little bit of client work – but major part of the time has been spent putting some pages together for our new site   

These pages should be helpful because if you want to get an idea of what your jewelry is worth before you sell it – you can input a little  information  – gram weight and karat mark – then hit a ‘get estimate button’ to calculate its estimated gold value. Does all the work and gives you a page with the info ready to print. This way no one can take advantage of you if you take it somewhere to sell because you’ll have an idea of its gold value before you go. Really pushing to get these pages finished by the weekend.

Squeezed in time to make a new cake. I’m not sure what to call it – it’s a caramel-lemon concoction. Uses a regular cake mix (with added pudding), lemon mousse and caramel. It’s served chilled and is very tasty. I’ll be putting the recipe up on I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free later this week. Would loved to have made this one sugar free but could only manage part of it being SF by using SF pudding and SF whipped topping. Guess you might say it’s 20% sugar free?

High point of the week was finding a song on YouTube that I’d heard 30+ years ago (YIKES!!  has it been that long?!)  and could only remember one line of the lyrics… “if you should see a red dog running free…”.

The reason I could finally do this was because we just recently were able to get DLS out here.  (YEAH!!)   So now we can listen to music and watch all those videos on line without having to wait for them to download.   Anyway – I ‘googled’ the one and only bit of lyric I could remember and got a couple of hits that eventually lead me to the song. It’s a crazy kind of song – one that sticks in your head ( duh….no kidding – it’s been knocking around in my head for years!) It’s called Abergavenny… which FYI is a city in Wales.  🙂 If you’ve got a couple of minutes – give it a listen.

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