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9 Finished Projects – Faux Brick Walk

Busy week last week. Did manage to get quite a few chores finished…

1. Painted the walkway next to the deck with a faux brick pattern.  Did this using a cement form (brick shaped)  and a couple of cans of outdoor paint.  Painted the wood a ‘grouty’ color and then turned the form upside-down and lightly spray painted the bricks.  Moved the form over to finish the row and then just continued down the walk until the whole thing was painted with faux bricks.  Looks really nice and gave that side of the deck some much needed color. 

2. Helped David paint the ‘red’ barn… (and boy is it red!!)  

3. Planted the remainder of my bulbs… (planted them inside of the wire baskets so we’ll see if that keeps the moles from eating them up).

4. Planted the rest of the packaged flower seeds.

5. Weeded the flower beds (managed to escape the poison ivy…this time).

6. Planted the green beans, black-eyed peas, cilantro and bell pepper seeds.

7. Washed the deck kitchen counters off… (major chore getting all that yellow pollen off the white grout).

8. Trimmed the cedar trees in the front yard.

9. Cleaned out my paint room….(we tend to use it as a catch-all during the winter).

Really enjoyed the time outside – but it’s back to work this week. I’ve lots to catch up on and need to go grocery shopping…again. It’s amazing how much 2 people can eat.

Don’t forget to check out the coupon links on the Coupon Page – read where inflation was up 2% (sure seems like more) and bet it’ll continue to climb.

I know fresh veggies have gone out of site at the grocery stores around here. Think this will be the first year I try my hand at a winter garden. Right now I’m planting twice as much as I’ve planted in the past so I can have some extras to freeze for winter.

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