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Marigolds for Dog Hair?

To me it always seems that with each New Year comes a flurry advertisements on the television for exercise programs or equipment all claiming  to help you keep fit during the coming year.  In addition, I see a lot of  ‘new’  ways to use ‘old’ products. I no longer find the push to exercise useful as I seem to stay pretty fit working around the house – but sometimes I find the new uses for old products interesting,  if not helpful.  So, sharing a few articles I saw last week.



Have to say the first article caught my eye because it was how to use marigolds to pick up dog hair. And I thought that marigolds were only found in the garden to help keep bugs away!  Silly me, who’d have thought that marigolds are kitchen gloves .. .  in the UK !!

A couple of the tips listed I’ve read before, but thought  worth repeating.


  • Pick up hair w/marigolds (haven’t tried this but if it works would be great)
  • Aspirin in water to keep flowers fresh
  • Rub candles over postage label address to keep from smudging
  • Coffee filter to clean eye glasses
  • and more . . . . visit this link



Every time I read about using ‘soap’ for something other than washing, I always think of the movie Christmas Story and little Ralphie. For those that might not be familiar with that scene . . . Ralphie had said a bad word and his mother makes him hold a bar of soap in the mouth.  Other than this old punishment, there are other uses for the slippery bar . . .  here are a few.

  • Keep puppies from chewing on furniture (guess humans aren’t the only ones that don’t like the taste)
  • Smooth out a hand saw for easy sawing
  • Keep fingernails clean
  • and more . . . visit this link


Hope you find these useful. Would have had more but thanks to the very cold weather we’ve  had a couple of . . . shall I say issues.  Leaky commode, burst pipe on kitchen deck . . . in spite of wrapping – not to mention had to finish the office, i.e., laying tile,  weeding out the file cabinet of old papers, basic cleaning and just for fun – re-arranged the furniture.

Am just about there so hope to get back to normal next week – is there such a thing as ‘normal’  ?

One final thought on useful bits of information. I have a terrible time taking pills.  Any pill.  But, read this tip a long time back and it really works.  When taking capsules – take a  sip of water first; you want your mouth wet.  Then when taking the capsule tilt your head down, i.e., chin near chest.  If taking a hard pill, tilt your head back.   For those that have trouble taking pills, hope it works for you as well as it has for me.


Check back next time when I post how to make cream horns.  No-sugar added, of course.

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