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Netflix ‘Foreign’ Shows & Updates

Can’t think of anytime since we’ve been living here that we’ve had so much rain! Our porcelain pot – makeshift rain gauge –  has just about been filled to the  top twice – that equals about 6 inches each time.  That’s a total of 12 inches !!  No wonder the backyard feels like walking on a wet sponge.


Good news . . . the wild flowers are gorgeous and plentiful. Bad news  . . . can’t get outside to do any work so the grass is out of control !


To that end, we’ve been watching a lot of Roku    And, can’t blame it all on the weather – there are very few shows on the television that we like.  We’ve been  searching through Netflix and have found some very interesting shows (and movies) that are foreign.  In most cases, we enjoy them more because we get to see lots of places we’d never see otherwise  . . . like Iceland, Russia, Israel, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Shetland Islands – to name a few.  Yes, they have subtitles but we’ve learned to speed read  🙂







This may be repeating myself in some cases but wanted to pass along some updates on past tips and toss out one –maybe two – new ones.

Google Mail breach – so far I’ve not had any trouble with my Google mail being open in another location  – (knock on wood) – since I started using the second verification   Having to input the code has not been a problem as it needs to be done only once per log-in, per-computer.  Unless, of course, you change the password.   Then you’ll need a new code.  For more information on this, please visit this link.


Cilantro – this poor veggie goes limp in no time and putting it in a glass of water in the fridge helps.  But found that also putting plastic wrap or a small plastic bag over the leaves helps keep it fresh even longer.


Crescent Breakfast Danish – we are still in love with these tasty eats – and now we’ve got a lot of variety in the fruit flavors. Purchased some of the ‘fruit only’ by Polander and Smuckers that gives us a lot of choices . . . red raspberry, cherry, blackberry (seedless), and peach.  Sometimes it’s just easier to open a jar in the morning than cook up some apples or blueberries.



Computer Tip – did you know that if you are having trouble reading small print on a website you can enlarge it by hitting the ‘CTRL’ and the ‘ + ‘ key at the same time.  It will enlarge in increments of 25%.  To return to normal, hit the ‘CTRL’ and the ‘ – ‘ key at the same time.


Note:  The + / –  keys are located on the numeric keypad – to use them be sure ‘NUM LOCK’ is turned on.  IF your keyboard does not have a numeric pad to the right,  try holding down the CTRL, Shift, and  ‘ =  ‘ keys at the same time to enlarge;  to reduce hold down the CTRL and ‘  –  ‘ keys at the same time.

Electronics – know we live in an electronic world but sometimes I wonder if they are worth it – especially living where we do with the power going off as often as it seems to.

For example, the other day I was doing some laundry and noticed that the washer was making this strange sound. Not loud, just a repetitive wheeze – like something was stuck.  Went through a lot of button pushing before finally unplugging the machine thinking this would reset it . . . maybe.  Let it sit for a few minutes  then plugged it back in.  Pushed the buttons to return to the spin cycle -where this started – and it picked right back up.  It started right back up.

Since we have so much trouble with power outages, surges, etc. I’ve taken to just unplugging the washer to play it safe.  We use a lot of surge protectors but you never know what might cause damage to those circuits.



Have an idea for a new sugar free cookie for David that I plan on making.  IF it turns out as well  as I’m hoping it will, you’ll find the recipe here next time.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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