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24 Meals – 4 Hours Later

Think I can safely say, “I’ve lost the handle on my work schedule.” Can’t really blame spring fever. It’s almost too hot to qualify for spring. Guess part of my lack of getting things accomplished  could be chalked up to just trying to do too much.

For example, decided on Friday I needed to replenish my frozen dinner stash. We were down to nothing. So, after making a trip to the grocery to get the necessary ingredients, I proceeded to whip up a dozen sausage kolaches and 24 freezer meals . . . all in one day.

For me a freezer meal is a large enough entree for David and I to have one serving per meal. So what did I fix? How about . . .

Of course, once you get everything cooked, the kitchen has to be cleaned up and all the food  has to be made ready for the freezer . . .  and then vacuum packed.   Guess I can take it easy for a bit now as far as freezer-food goes. BTW – the list names are links so you can get the recipes if you like.

Can’t say the same for yard work. Way behind on that – but I did mange to get my hanging pots re-planted this weekend and they look really pretty.



Don’t do near as much Internet surfing as David does, but did see an interesting video on Corning Glass. No, we’re not talking baking casseroles – we’re talking about  applications for everything in your home that has a glass surface being interactive. It would seem that Corning Owens has developed an amazing glass process.  To see this unbelieveable product,  watch the video below.  Think it’s about 5 minutes long – but worth the time to take a peek at what is looming  in our  future.






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