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13 Helpful Tips

Love helpful tips and the email I received from Jerry this week had 13 tips I’d not seen . . . so passing them along.

1.  Use a comb to hold a nail in place while hammering to avoid hitting fingers. This would probably work for holding a screw as well.

2.  Rub walnuts over scratches in wood to cover them up.

3.  Use bread, potato, orange, etc. bag clips to label cords.

4.  A bowl makes an ‘amplifier’ for an iPhone.

5.  How to use an elevator without stopping:

  • Hold Close Door button until doors close and continue to hold
  • Select floor and do not let go of floor number or Close Door button until elevator starts to move
  • This will allow you to go to that floor without stopping
  • (Used by police to get to floors quicker; works on every elevator)

6.  Use cardboard tubes to organize cords .

7.  Use a wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot to keep it from boiling over .

8.  Use a can opener to open hard plastic packages .

9.  Wrap Christmas or outdoor lights around a coat hanger to keep them from tangling.

10.  Don’t buy Swiffer towel replacements – an old kitchen towel works just as well.

11.  When drilling a hole on the wall, use a sticky note to catch the debris.

12.  Rubber band a sock (or panty hose) over the end of a vacuum to pick up small lost items from the floor.

13.  Use a Pringles (or Stax potato chip) can to hold spaghetti. (This works best if you buy the oversize cannisters, as the regular ones are a tad short.)

Yard Update

Finally finished painting the bricks on the ‘star deck’. Really like the way it turned out – now all I have to do is finish the landscaping in the beds leading up to the deck and that little 14-year project will be finished! Except… for the fact that I’m still struggling to find a way to camouflage the well head. Need to find something to cover it . . . but still allow access to the water valves.

I’ve planted some Amaryllis seeds in the bed that’s inside along the fence (hope they come up) and found the two pentas at the Lowe’s in Palestine. The colors were so nice and bright just couldn’t pass them up. Also, it seems they don’t mind the heat and we have plenty of that.

In addition to all the veggies in the garden, we’ve been picking peaches. I’ll probably end up freezing them like I did last year. Soon to be followed by the black-eye-peas that are just about ready to pick and shell. Really glad we didn’t get any of that major hail storm that hit Dallas this week – guess I wouldn’t be having to worry about doing anything with the garden or the peaches. It would all have been flattened by the baseball sized hail.  There are quite a few videos on YouTube – the one at the following link will give you an idea of what it was like –  visit this link – sort of looks like snow!




Happy Father’s Day!

Plan to BBQ a couple of briskets tomorrow and then fry up a batch of shrimp for Father’s Day on Sunday ! I’ll post my BBQ recipe next time. Tried a new way of cooking the last brisket  and it came out the tenderest with the best smoked flavor ever! No short cuts here – but worth the effort.

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