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Weekend Projects

sundayafterSpent most of the weekend working in the yard and since it was a little cooler – only mid-90’s  – and starting work on one of the antique chairs purchased at an auction earlier this year. As both of the chairs are in need of some repair – I chose the one that needed the least amount of ‘fixing up’. First order of business was to remove all of the old caning from the seat. While this may sound easy – it probably took me almost hour and a half to remove all the old caning bits. The original cane had been secured in the holes with wooden pegs that had to be removed so as to not to damage the surrounding wood and not make the hole any bigger. Problem was that the cane and wood were so old and brittle that they would break off – so you really couldn’t get a grip and pull anything. I ended up getting a very small screwdriver and tapping the pegs out. Once the peg was gone – the caning literally fell out. Next step will be to strip the chair and refinish it. Chairs are never easy to refinish because there are so many little round pieces you have to deal with.   Also since the original varnish has  blackened – I’m thinking it will take a couple of coats of stripper to remove all of  it.    I’ll need a good hot day for this phase of the project so the stripper will work at it’s  best.   Also, need to order my caning supplies.  Van Dyke’s Restorer’s is an excellent place to get anything for repairing antiques from caning supplies to hardware.


sundaydeckOur newest yard project is to put a walkway along side the deck. The area is too narrow for much of anything else and we don’t want to have to deal with any plants or grass there. David built a raised boardwalk and covered it with outdoor plywood. He is going to paint it with Olympic ‘Cape Code Gray’ Translucent Stain and once that has dried, we are going to put a faux brick design on top. We’ve used the Olympic stain for many other outdoor projects and have found it to be the most durable with the best protection for the wood.

Many years ago when we were living in Houston – David built a potting table for me . . . I call it my birdhouse table. We used the Olympic stain on all the surface wood including the picket fence back – and it looks as good today as it did when he finished it. (All the wood stacked on it is for another ‘David’ project.)sundaytable

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