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Antiques and Bluebonnets

OHF_2016Can’t believe we had the fireplace on this morning. But then it felt just like winter again . . . a very chilly 33 degrees.  So glad it didn’t freeze.  I just knew we were going to lose all of our fruit, again.  The trees are just covered in plums; the blueberry bushes are loaded and the blackberry vines we see when walking are full of big, white blooms.


Hope we get the chance to pick some of those berries before the birds and deer wipe them out.  Nothing better than fresh blackberry cobbler and ice cream!!

Thought of our friend Frank in Round Top when we were listening to all the weather warnings on Friday. He’s part of the bi-annual  antique show  held in the Round Top-Warrenton area.  Know that his dealers were hoping the bad weather would pass them by.  Not everyone has the luxury of covered space.


If you are in the area during the antique fair (dates vary from venue to venue – get some show dates here), drop by and see Frank at Old Henry Farm and tell him we said ‘hello’. To see what fabulous antiques his vendors have, visit this link – you’ll also see the dates for his show.   Might add that if you stop at any of the shows, you can most likely pick up a guide with all of the information in it – including show name, dates, address, vendors, etc.





In addition to the antiques shows, you’ll also find the wildflowers have started blooming.  For those not familiar with the area around Round Top – they have the most beautiful bluebonnets.   In fact, the whole area is very scenic and worth spending a day just driving around.   One of my favorite towns is Shelby.  Very small but so very picturesque and quaint.  Just love it !


bluebonnets_1_2016In our opinion, the best way to see the bluebonnets is to take the back roads. Here you’re likely to find fields of flowers . . . . some with wonderful old barns nestled amongst the flowers.


And if you are looking for festivals and fun events along the way for the family, April is a good month to get out.  Everything is in bloom and it’s not too hot. . . yet.







Another good day trip in this general area (east of Houston) is the Painted Church tour. Here you’ll find old Texaspaintedchurch5country churches that were painted by early  immigrants.  Best time to visit is on Saturday.  For information on the Painted Church day trip see  this link;  and for other  state events, visit this link – just click on the region your are interested in.  If you don’t see April, check back in a couple of days, working on updating it right now.  🙂


And while you’re out there taking in all the sights, don’t forget the camera !




Saw a comment on FB about a tuna recall, both kinds – packed in water and oil.   Get details here – this includes brands, dates covered  and UPC numbers.


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