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MARTINGALE COLLAR - A wide, comfortable collar that is adjustable AND won't slip off !! For Bear we use a 1-1/2 inch 'cloth' collar . . . see photo to the right. See Martingale Collars

TRAFFIC LEASH - We use this short leash to walk Bear in stores where pets are permitted, in town and parks. See Traffic Leashes

SOFT BED- use inside or out. We covered ours with a case made from two large towels. This makes it easy to wash the cover without the bed having to get wet. See Soft Beds

ORTHOPEDIC BED - for comfortable sleep on a thick foam filling. Good for dogs prone to have hip issues. See Ortho Beds

COT BED - made of PVC and vinyl offers comfortable, hammock-like sleeping for hot days AND keeps him off the hard floor. Also, slim-line construction makes it easy to clean and since there are no exposed edges, that means no chewing. See Cot Beds

E-COLLAR - by Sport Dog is what we use for training and when we want total control. Settings offer a variety of corrections that keep Bear in line but don't hurt. We have the Sport Hunter:1825 which offers three levels of control with each level having different degrees of control. See E-collars

PURINA PLUS DOG FOOD - recommended for Bear by our Vet, this brand comes in a wide variety of types and flavors. See Purina Dog Food

LEAN TREATS - recommended for Bear by our Vet, this is a good treat low in calories. Their size also makes them great for hiding pills in when needed. See Lean Treats

PET BOTANICS - Another one of his favorites treats. Only problme is they are small so he wants more than one at a time - but we still love them. See Pet Botanics

GREENIES - help keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh. He LOVES these things !!!! See Greenies

STARMARK - everlasting treat ball. Starmark has a lot of dog stuff, but Bear's absolute favorite is the Everlasting Treat Ball. We can give him one with a new 'treat' inserted, and he is good for about an hour of entertainment. Best part, he can't chew through the treat holder and you can buy refills. See Star Mark Treat Ball

KONG - a variety of toys and treats that he likes . . . but his favoriteis his bubba-wubba. See Kong Toys & Treats

FURMINATOR - helps keep his coat in check during the warmer months. Best do it outside, unless you want fur everywhere. See Furminator

PAWDICURES - when Bear was a puppy, we could use a nail clipper to keep his nails in check; however, now that he is larger, it is difficult for us to cut through his tough nails. So, we use our electric Dremel tool (on high speed) fitted with a very fine sanding barrel to keep his nails manicured. Note: Keep the barrell moving and not in on place so that there isn't a build-up of heat. See Nail Cutter's, Dremel Tools and Dremel Barrels

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