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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation


Not a lot going on this week so thought I’d share some of my favorite FB cartoons, pictures and a video. This would get me going . . . ‘Why you never invite a Lab to a birthday party . . . . ”  (Click on the image to see the video) Taking things literally […]


Just read this.  Tried to find a list of the ‘other’ brands . . . so far no luck.   Click on the image to read the full  article.  

Life Lessons

Can’t imagine how people live where it is cold and overcast all the time, i.e., Siberia, etc. Guess if you are born there that is all you know so it is normal.  And while there may not be snow all the time, I’ve found in traveling that some places are pretty cold even in the […]

Cornbread Waffles, Apple Rings and Napoleons

OK – it’s official – had enough winter.  My energy level is about ‘zero’ and my motivation lower  . . . if possible.  I am so ready for warmer temps so that we can  get outside.  Not to mention we eat too much when we’re inside all the time. I mean who makes cornbread waffles??? Yes, made a […]