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How to Live

It has been a rather trying week. Doctor appointment – which always leaves us on tether hooks until we get the ‘okay’ from the doctor that all is normal, dealing with an unusually large number of  phishing emails  . . . you know the kind, someone looking to get your personal information so they can […]

Cream Horns

Well, there was going to be a lot more to this post . .  . but since we’ve thawed from the last week’s  freeze, there have been a few additional problems – like very low water pressure and then we have no water today !!   So, I’m simply posting the recipe for the cream […]

Marigolds for Dog Hair?

To me it always seems that with each New Year comes a flurry advertisements on the television for exercise programs or equipment all claiming  to help you keep fit during the coming year.  In addition, I see a lot of  ‘new’  ways to use ‘old’ products. I no longer find the push to exercise useful as I seem to […]