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Everyday Angel

When we think of angels we typically think of winged beings, emanating a heavenly glow, dressed in translucent, flowing gowns. However, what I like to refer to as  ‘my angel’ did not appear as such.  She was dressed in a white, button-up-the-front blouse, full, dark blue skirt with a belt, very plain shoes with her […]

Christmas- Chocolate Cream Torte Recipe

In an effort to try and make new no-sugar’ added treats for David, I find myself re-inventing some desserts.  Such was the case with this cake.  Wanting something that looked a little more festive for Christmas, I’ve taken the Cake-in-the-Pan recipe, layered it with a yummy cream filling and topped that off with a delicious chocolate butter […]

Only in Texas . . . .

can you wear shorts and a tank top with the air conditioner running one day, and the next day be wearing winter clothes with the fireplace on.  Might add the day  after that we had sleet !!  and  south Texas had snow !!!   Having lived in Texas all my life I can say that […]