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Dog Bones – Please Read

Just saw this warning and wanted to share (maybe another reason to get a FB page ??) . . . anyway please be aware that processed bones for dogs including “ham bones, pork femur bones, rib bones, and smokey knuckle bones” should not be given to dogs at all.  While no particular brand was mentioned, […]

Water – Cress

Water Why is it that IF something is going to go wrong, it will invariably happen either on the weekend or over a holiday when you can’t get a hold of anyone. Such was the case at our house  over Thanksgiving when we had no hot water.  Waiting for repairs but in the meantime I’ve […]

Surprises & Change

Surprises and change . . . two things I particularly don’t like. Of course, surprises can be a good thing – like the beautiful sunset we had last night.   But then finding a snake in the goldfish pond isn’t one of the surprises I like. Went out the other day to check on the […]

“Bomb-Diggity” Cheddar Biscuits

Looks like Fall has arrived. There is a light haze across the valley and hills beyond – and the trees are starting to turn those lovely maroon and gold colors.  Our maple tree has some beautiful red leaves – and that, of course, is why we planted it.  And can’t forget to mention  the yaupon.  […]