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For those watching this tragedy unfold, I can say that everyone we know in Houston and the surrounding areas effected by Harvey have sadly had damage.  Seems like it just won’t end – but as my mom always said in trying times, “This too shall pass.”   Fortunately, we’ve not had any problems and have only had […]


With all the news flying around about Harvey – had to check in to let you know that should our power go out (which it often does) – we’re ready!  – but it may be a week before I get back online. David and I were out this morning checking the generators to be sure […]

Dog Days of Summer

After those few days of “cool” a while back – we are really feeling the heat this week. We had a 111 degree ‘heat index’ one day.  WOW !!!    Hoping for some rain starting middle of the week – and we really need it.  When we first moved up here, the locals told us we’d […]

Old-Fashioned Fried Shrimp

To borrow an old cliché. when it rains it pours.  Seems that is how our doctor appointments have been going lately.  They all hit around the same time which takes a toll on both David and myself.  Lots of travel, lots of waiting. Last week was busy with running and two more appointments this week.   […]

Car Tips

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is an over-abundance of information on the Net these days?   I don’t have a whole lot of spare time to slog through all of it but did see a slideshow the other day on taking care of the car.[1]   Now, before going on – […]