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This is a caution to any of you who think you want to try the ‘FREE’ – pay shipping only – products offered by Revived Youth. I made the mistake of ordering their ‘FREE’ product offered/endorsed?  by Angelina Jolie – where you pay shipping only – NOT. Problems: Did not receive a receipt of purchase by […]

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Why is it that time seems to speed up the closer we get to the end of the year – Christmas specifically. I cannot believe that there is only one week left to get everything finished.  And that includes finishing getting ready for the next three days of super cold.  It is in the 70’s […]

Ginger Thins Ice Cream Sandwich +

  Today was the perfect example of why ‘I don’t like to make plans’.  In spite of the fact that we knew it would be raining – and cold, did have plans to have a nice breakfast of fresh, hot doughnuts and coffee.  This is a rare treat for us since David is diabetic. We […]