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Best New ‘Guy’ Gadget

. . If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was already October.   The front yard is  covered in leaves.   Went out Sunday afternoon and did a ‘little’ raking.   It was incredible how many leaves had fallen.  At this rate, the tree should be bare in a couple of weeks.   And you can […]

Netflix – Secret Category Codes

Taking advantage of the sunshine today to get a few chores outside done. Mainly, laundry.  I prefer to hang my clothes outside if at all possible but all of the rain has put me way behind.  So  got up early to try and get a couple of loads finished before the afternoon rains hit.  May […]

Torte Cake & Pencil Cake Recipes

  We have the best neighbors in the country. Our neighbor’s son came a couple of days ago and cut all our hay.  He did such a beautiful job, looked like artwork in the field with all the swirls and curves.   Hear we’re supposed to get rain next few days – that will be […]

Shortbread vs. Shortcake . . . Recipes

It has been so hot, I’m finding it hard to even think of something to write about. Add to that the fact, that we’ve not been doing much of anything which doesn’t help either.   With the temps running over 100 degrees for the last week, been spending some of my house-time sorting through old […]