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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

Email Warning !!!!

  Want to bring your attention to some ‘scam’ emails we received  this last week in case you should  receive something similar.  Ended up spending  quite a few hours on the phone tracking everything down.  But, glad I did. Before beginning, let me say that I am always leery of any email that asks me […]

Fresh Blueberry Pie Recipe

Had such good intentions of posting this recipe (Blueberry Pie) before Father’s Day but per usual around here,  something always seems to derail my plans.  So, here it is today.  It is sooo good you’ll want to make it more than just for special occasions. Recipe is courtesy ‘Taste of Home’.   Love their recipes, they’re […]

Remember When

Haven’t seen a lot of bad car wrecks in my lifetime, but the one we saw on the way to Palestine this last Tuesday was one of the worst. Happened on the newly opened portion of Highway 79 that is now about 6 lanes wide.    Didn’t appear to be a lot of cars involved, just  […]

I HATE Spiders

Seems it hasn’t stopped raining for quite a while, although I know this isn’t true – but everything is just soaked.   Even Bear has been less than energetic.   Took the opportunity earlier this week to check out the tornado shelter since the weather reports said we were in for some rough storms and as […]