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Panko Crunchy Shrimp

Last week was a blur. Seems we had somewhere to go everyday  . . . doctors, vet, grocery shopping, early voting, post office, car registration/inspection and couple of other places I can’t remember.  By the end of the week, I was pretty much pooped.  But, my batteries are re-charged and I’m ready for whatever. We […]

Happy Valentine’s Day . . . My Two Sweeties


Garden, Gateway & Gasps

Nice day today . . . bit windy. While taking our morning walk couldn’t help but think about working in yard and maybe having a small . . . no – check that, tiny . . . garden this year.  There is a small space in the back yard where I can put a few […]

The ‘Lowly’ Binder Clip

Seeing all the ‘helpful tips’ and short-cut recipes out there recently has me wondering . . . ‘why’?.    Have my own opinions on why people seem to be posting so much stuff . . . to make money somehow (of course, that’s got to be my first thought – who doesn’t need extra $$$ these […]