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Spring Cleaning – Favorite 6 Tips

With spring just around the corner, getting those urges to clean. Correction, Spring Clean.  To that end, saw an article by Bright Side [1]  with ten (10) really good tips to clean around the house using products most of us already have at home.  Best part . . . most of these cleaning tips revolve […]

My New Favorite Cookbook – PIES !!

If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was March not January. The temperatures have been mild . . .  by January standards, in the 50 – 60 range with lots of sunshine.  Been working in the yard little bits at the time trying to get everything pruned, trimmed and raked before the mowing starts.  […]

Good Advice

I like good advice. Especially if it makes sense, and especially if it is free.  That is why when I saw a FB post (thanks, Blain), knew it needed sharing . . . and since I don’t have a FB page (no time), thought I’d put the information here.  🙂   Basically it is advice from a […]

‘You Raise Me Up’

One of my favorite songs.  First heard it performed by Josh Groban – but these young people might just have him beat.